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God is changing Justin Bieber!

Justin Bieber with his manager Scooter Braun in Rosemont, Illinois in 2015. Credit: Lou Stejskal/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Canadian mega pop star, Justin Bieber, has just released his first album in five years. Called Changes, the music is filled with references to God and faith revealing the dramatic changes that have taken place in Justin’s life over the past few years.

In his title song, he sings, “People change, circumstances change, but God always stays the same” and in another he says: “Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness.”

Along with the release of a new album, Justin is planning a 45 city tour in 2020.

In 2017, Justin’s fans were shocked when Bieber cancelled the last portion of his Purpose tour. He realized he needed to get out of the limelight, so he could grow in his faith in God and straighten out his life.

During this sabbatical, we have read about Justin being water baptized and leading worship at a Hillsong church in Los Angeles. He also married Christian model Haily Baldwin, daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

Yet despite pulling back from public appearances, Justin is still the number one ranked streaming artist in the world with 62 million views a month.

But along with his new album, Justin also released a documentary series on YouTube about his life and struggles. In the series, entitled Justin Bieber: Seasons, the 25-year-old pop star opened up about his addiction to drugs stating that it had gotten so bad that his security were checking on him in the middle of the night to make sure he was still alive.

Bieber added that as soon as he woke in the morning, he was “popping pills and smoking a blunt.”

He realized that he was becoming dependent on drugs and needed to break free from addiction and it was then he turned to God for help.

The first video in the series released on January 27th has been viewed over 60 million times and has over 37,000 comments.

In an Instagram post, Bieber shared his goals for the video series writing:

“I hope a lot of people see this and overcome their obstacles!! God has big plans for every single one of you.”

Justin Bieber, Instagram

By sharing how he broke his addiction, Justin’s message is clear, there is hope in God.

Justin has been particularly open about his faith on Instagram, where he has 127 million followers, writing several faith-filled posts including:

Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness! Thank you Jesus that when I was lost you found me, thank you that you brought me from death to life! Thank you that once I was blind but now I see! Thank you for giving your life on the cross so that I could have ETERNAL LIFE! TRUE LIFE on earth and life ABUNDANTLY.

“Take joy in all of the wonder and beauty God has done in your life. God will give you the desires of your heart.”

“Thank you for showing me compassion, giving me the grace to grow and loving me through everything. No matter what happens in life I know that you are always good and your love for me never changes no matter what I do!! You loved me before I did anything to earn or deserve it and for that I say THANK YOU JESUS!”

“Do you feel you have exhausted all options? Do you feel helpless? Do you feel you are never good enough? What if I told you that there’s a God that is willing to meet you WHEREVER you’re at! What if I told you He could take away your pain, shame, guilt and fears. #JESUS.”

Justin Bieber, Instagram posts

Justin also shared a video on Instagram that had four million view its first day. On the video, he tells people that “no matter what you’re facing, no matter what you’re asking for, dreaming about, anticipating, believing for, God can do more.”

The video then moves into several nature scenes and guides people through a series of prayers on God’s power.

Justin is a person of influence. Aside from 127 million Instagram followers, he has:

As the world continues to get darker and more blatantly anti-Christian, God is finding powerful lights to get His message out. This includes the remarkable transformation going on in Kanye West’s life as well.

But we need to pray for these people.

As Justin is about to go on tour, pray for God’s protection. I have no doubt Satan will throw every temptation at Justin during the tour. I also believe that we need to pray God gives Justin boldness to share his faith.


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