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Christian singer Francesca Battistelli healed while pregnant

Francesca Battistelli in 2017 Credit: Ccmfan32/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Francesca Battistelli, 34, a Grammy winning Christian singer recently shared a story of how God miraculously healed her of an ovarian cyst in the middle of her pregnancy.

Francesca grew up in a musical family with both her mom and dad involved in theatrical singing in New York. Though, she expected to head in the same direction, Francesca veered off into a successful musical career, winning a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2016 with her song “Holy Spirit.”

Recently, the mother of four shared a testimony on Instagram of God’s miraculous healing. She was ten weeks pregnant and woke up in “excruciating pain.”

When the pain intensified over the next couple of hours, on the advice of her midwife, Francesca went to the hospital emergency. However, by the time she arrived, the pain had started to subside.

Francesca knew from previous tests that she had a cyst on one of her ovaries. But the hospital tests revealed that this cyst was now 10 cm in size, about the size of a large orange, and had twisted cutting the ovary off from its blood supply which was the source of the pain.

The pain had stopped because the ovary was returning to its normal position, which often happens with these type of conditions. However, because the cyst had grown so large, the obstetrician was concerned and recommended surgery even though she was pregnant, but added that Francesca could wait until after her pregnancy.

But either way she would need surgery because these cysts don’t shrink.

After praying about it, Francesca and her husband Matt concerned about the potential impact the surgery could have on the baby did not feel peace about having the surgery while she was pregnant and decided to wait until after she gave birth

She and particularly her husband believed that God would heal this cyst.

Then one morning, she woke up and her husband proclaimed that her stomach was smaller. Francesca thought he might be imagining things but was hopeful.

When she went in for her 20-week ultrasound for the baby, the medical staff decided to take a look at the cyst.

But before the nurse could check, Matt blurted out:

“You won’t find it. It’s gone. We’ve been praying.”

When they checked the cyst, the nurse was stunned by what she found stating: “this is just an inch long. It’s not even a cyst anymore. It’s gone!”

God had healed Francesca and it was witnessed by the nurse who was also pregnant with her first child.

There is an interesting verse on healing found in the book of Psalms. The Psalmist writes:

He sent His word and healed them,
And delivered them from their destructions.

Psalm 107:20 NASV

Notice how God sent the healing word and I believe that God wants to deliver healing words through people.

We need to pray, believe, and declare healing just as Peter did on the steps of the Temple with the lame man:

But Peter said, “I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene—walk!”

Acts 3:6 NASV

There is power in the proclamation, but at the same time push ahead with proper medical care just as Francesca and her husband were doing.

Francesca closed with:

“We are overwhelmed by the goodness and the BIGNESS of God, and we want the world to know that He still heals!!.”

Francesca Battistelli, Instagram


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