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Sources say Justin Bieber planning to release faith-inspired album in 2019

Justin Bieber in concert at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway in 2013. Credit: NRK P3/Flickr/Creative Commons

Justin Bieber in concert at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway in 2013. Credit: NRK P3/Flickr/Creative Commons

It has been an interesting April on the celebrity front. On Easter Sunday, pop star Katy Perry posted the following message to her 69 million Instagram followers:

“My brokenness + God’s Divinity = My wholeness.”

Then earlier this week, Monday, April 9, 2018, Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber spontaneously sang a Christian worship song for his 98 million Instagram followers. It was a song called “Reckless Love” written by Bethel music leader Corey Asbury:

“Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending reckless love of God. Oh, it chases me down, fights till I’m found”

At the latest count, Justin has 98.5 million Instagram followers putting him on the list of the ten most followed people on the popular social media site. Leading the pack is another celebrity believer, Selena Gomez, with 133 million followers.

And when I visited Justin’s Instagram page, there was a message to check out this song on YouTube:

But recent reports are suggesting that Justin is planning to become even more vocal about how Jesus transformed the pop star’s life.

The British newspaper The Sun reports that sources indicate Justin’s new album expected to be released in 2019 will be an overt expression of his Christian faith.

According to this source, Justin is seeking out songs that will fit this new theme:

“Justin is on the look out for songs which really reflect where he is in his life in terms of spirituality. He has always been religious, but the last two years have seen him grow closer to the Hillsong church and it has changed his entire life. He has a totally different outlook now.”

“But his time with the church has revitalized him and although he is working with a lot of the same people who helped to make his last album, Purpose, he is reshaping his sound so it is more in line with the church’s values and beliefs,” the source was quoted as saying, “There are key themes of love and redemption in the tracks he has ­created so far. It will certainly ­surprise some fans.”

A source also told Hollywood Life, that Justin wants to make a clear presentation of the gospel in his 2019 album adding that Bieber believes this is what God has called him to do. Aside from the music, the source added that Justin also wants to produce a “faith-based film.”

Commenting on the dramatic changes taking place in Justin’s life, Hollywood Life wrote:

“If accurate, this would be a pretty drastic turn in Justin’s career. However, we’re betting his fans would come along!”

I think we need to be praying for Justin that God’s call for him will come to fruition.

Hillsong Church in New York City, pastored by Carl Lentz, has played a big role in the changes taking place in Justin’s life. It is reported that for a brief period the pop star even lived with Lentz and his family.

A charismatic church, Hillsong emphasizes worship. Videos have even surfaced on YouTube of Justin worshiping God at a Hillsong worship conference in Los Angeles:

There is a remarkable God transformation taking place in Justin Bieber’s life.

Most recently, his biggest controversy involve his boldness to proclaim faith in Christ. This is a dramatic change from a couple years ago when the media was reporting on his many run-ins with the law including racing well intoxicated in Florida, egging a neighbor’s in California and being charged with assault in Canada.


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