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I am heading out for ‘stem cell’ therapy

Brussels, Belgium Credit: Francisco Antunes/Flickr/Creative Commons

Brussels, Belgium Credit: Francisco Antunes/Flickr/Creative Commons

I am heading out-of-town for ‘stem cell’ therapy on my knees, so posts will probably be a bit sporadic over the next few days.

There has been a lot of news recently on stem cells therapy for multiple areas from knees to hips to heart and even the brain.

After conception, a baby forms through the use of stem cells and because of this some have described them as mother cells. After you are born, you have stem cells inside you used to repair damaged tissue.

They are described as undifferentiated cells, meaning a stem cell can repair a damaged knee or that same stem cell could repair a damaged heart. It is basically blank and takes on the characteristic of the tissue it is repairing.

Because of this unique ability, doctors are using stem cells to repair damage in multiple areas of the body. They basically harvest stem cells and then insert a concentrated amount into the damaged area such as a knee or shoulder to encourage repair.

Though success is not guaranteed, it can result in improvement.

As some of you may be aware, I hurt my knee while snow blowing a couple of years back. This eventually required arthroscopic surgery to repair the damage.

Though, there was a remarkable improvement, the surgeon warned my knee may not be as good as it was before the injury. This was my case, which prompted my decision to consider ‘stem cell’ therapy.

I got a doctor’s referral, the required x-rays and booked my appointment. I am now two day away from having the therapy done.

They will drill through my back into the pelvis and draw the stem cells out from the bone marrow. This marrow will be processed, concentrating the stem cells, that are then inserted into my knees via a needle.

Yes, it can be painful. But am I willing to trade an hour of pain, for potentially years of better knees?

This is a trade I would make every day.

Some people notice improvement almost immediately, but for most it takes four to eight weeks. The full healing process takes six months.

I will keep you posted as to how this journey goes.



  1. I don’t know anything about the knee part but having had bone marrow biopsy (back of pelvis for leukemia) I can tell you it didn’t hurt at all….all the best Dean.


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