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Hearing the prophetic sound

Credit: Luther Bailey/Flickr/Creative Commons

Credit: Luther Bailey/Flickr/Creative Commons

If radio and television sound can be transmitted through receivers, can human beings transmit sounds that are not ordinarily heard by the human ear?

If a short-wave radio can receive communication from across the ocean, is it possible for a human to pick up that same information?

The prophet Isaiah spoke of supernatural hearing assistance when he wrote:

“He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear To hear as the learned. The Lord God has opened My ear; and I was not rebellious, Nor did I turn away” (Is. 50:4b-5).

On July 6, 2004, while playing my piano and worshiping the LORD, I heard the cries of young children.  As I continued to worship I discerned the cries of the children were from Australia and a burden came upon me.

I began to pace my living room and cry out, “Why are the children crying?” After some time the answer came, “Because they have no one to show them the Father’s Love”.

That answer disturbed me as I know there are some very good Australian Bible teachers.  For the next few days, I kept praying for those children and started to make contacts into the Australian Christian community.

Since I don’t really have a teaching ministry to children, I wondered if the burden was for all Australian children or for a specific group in a specific locality.

Seven days later, my burden was uncovered with a news report that three children had spent six days on a remote island in the Torres Strait, north of Australia. The parents and a younger sibling were missing and presumed drowned at sea.

Their father was a Badu Island Pastor.

The week previous when I had heard the children crying — considering the time difference — it happened during the first few hours of being lost at sea.  No doubt they were crying and with the loss of their natural father, they had “no one to show them the Father’s love”.

The story can be found in it’s entirety at:

Here are some excerpts:

“13 July , 2004 –  Mark Colvin: In a remarkable tale of survival, three children have spent six days on a remote island after their family was swept away when their boat sank in Torres Strait.

The children have told rescuers that they swam quietly to avoid sharks and then opened coconuts with their teeth to stay alive.

Three other members of the family are still missing and a search is underway across the Torres Strait for the couple and their infant son.

Ian Townsend reports.

Ian Townsend: The six members of the family were on their way to Thursday Island for a birthday party. They’d taken their boat from Badu Island, where Naseli Nona was a local pastor. Aboard was his wife Lisa and their four children, two boys, 3 and 11 years old, and two girls, 10 and 15.

The boat developed engine problems, and as it was being fixed, it capsized. That was a week ago.

The parents and the baby boy are still missing, but the three eldest children are now recovering on Badu Island at the home of their aunt, Vicki Tamwoy.

Vicki Tamwoy: The three children that we have with us, Ellis, Bulla and Norita, were sort of told by their mum, swim for that rocky place over there so at least someone will survive. And Lisa, Haley, and Clarence remained together, sharing, you know, one life vest, and the children then remained on that rocky outcrop from Tuesday night ’til Friday morning.

Now they had no food, no water during that period of time. Bulla’s indicated that they might have had an oyster or two, but nothing else, certainly no water. On the Friday morning he said to the two girls we need to swim to this other island we can see, otherwise we will die.

So the three of them then took on something like a three kilometer swim to get to the island of Matu and there they remained from Friday until they were rescued by their uncle Frank Nona.”

This experience demonstrates that we only see and hear in part and that the prophetic is not always as it appears to be.  Initially I thought the message meant there was a lack of ministers to teach Biblical truths of the love of God.

But for those three children it meant that due to the death of one man, they had lost the love of their natural father who was also their godly Pastor.

It also demonstrates our Heavenly Father’s great love for His children by allowing a Canadian ear to hear their sounds coming from the Australian waters.


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