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R&B artist saw an angel protecting him as he was shot eight times

[by Dean Smith] On April 2, 2004, R&B artist Marcus Stanley was walking out of a store, having forgotten his wallet, when he was approached by a man standing on the sidewalk with a group of men. After a brief conversation, the man pulled his gun and shot Stanley at point-blank rank.

The man shot Stanley seven more times as he laid on the ground in what was later revealed to be a gang initiation.

For years Marcus had been a successful R&B piano player. He started off in gospel but as his success grew he fell away from his Christian roots. He played for a number of major recording artists including Chris Brown.

In an interview with CBN, Marcus said as he lay on the ground with the man standing over him laughing and shooting he saw a massive Angel move in to protect him.

In the interview Marcus said:

“It was probably — I mean I’m 6 foot 7 — and the angel was probably like 7-foot something. It was just a transparent figure. I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female. I didn’t see wings or anything like that. I saw it was clear, transparent and it was in front of me.”

“I knew it was an angel just because the protection. It got into a position like this [arms crossed] in front of me and I remember seeing that.”

Though the men thought Marcus was dead, he was still alive and after the gang members left Marcus dialed 911 for help. No one believed he would survive the multiple wounds. And during the surgery where the medical team reattached his colon, removed half his stomach and pancreas and all of his spleen, Marcus again saw that same angel in the operating room before he went under.

Today, he travels the world telling people of God’s divine protection.

Read the full story here:

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