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Maryland county tells churches to preach global warming gospel to avoid “rain tax”

Prince George County church: Image: Elvert Barnes | Foter | CC By-SA

Prince George County church: Image: Elvert Barnes | Foter | CC By-SA

[by Dean Smith] In 2013, the State of Maryland in the USA passed a controversial law that taxed homes, businesses and churches for any run off water caused by their roofs, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks. Called the “rainwater remediation fee’ or more commonly the “rain tax,” it has proven extremely unpopular.

Many suggest this tax helped elect Republican Larry Hogan as state governor in November 2014. Hogan who will take power on January 21, 2015 promised to repeal the tax if elected.

Meanwhile, Maryland’s Prince George County said it’s willing to exempt church from paying this tax — about $744 a year on average — if they are willing to preach an environmental, green gospel.

This can include messages on global warming and other environmental themes such as telling parishioners how to get green grants. The churches also need to take on green initiatives, most of which the government will pay for.

So far over 30 churches have applied for the exemption. When questioned about the state trying to control what churches preach, a Prince George County representative said it was completely optional. However, I am not sure the Apostle Paul would agree.

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