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The Night England Was Saved

London, England after a night of bombing in World War II

London, England after a night of bombing in World War II

[by Earl Blacklock] May 10, 1941 was a night to remember. It was the night that the German Luftwaffe, aided by a clear night and a bomber’s full moon, launched a furious attack on London. Hundreds of bombers dropped incendiaries and high explosives. At no time in the war had so many German planes attacked, and at no time did they cause so much damage.

The House of Commons was hit. St. Paul’s Cathedral was surrounded by devastation. Thousands of homes were destroyed, and close to 1,500 people, including children sleeping in their beds, were killed. All in one night.

And yet, this was the night England was saved. Using the still-secret radar, British pilots managed to down more than 40 bombers. An air marshal met reporters the next day with a smile on his face. “Gentlemen,” he said, “I believe we won the war tonight.”

He went on “You’ve heard us say in the Air Ministry that any time we can inflict ten percent casualties on a German air force we are keeping on top of them. No air force can stand such attrition for long.” Indeed, that would appear to have been the judgment of the German High Command as well. Never again did the Germans send over a large bombing force, and never again was London subjected to such devastating losses.

Although years of fighting remained, May 10, 1941 marked the turning point of the war.

As I write this, Canada is taking the final steps to once again go to war. The enemy this time is not a state, although it calls itself one. It is not a people because it is comprised of representatives of many peoples, many nations.

It is not a religion because it only represents the most vainglorious, extreme elements of Islam. It is only an ideology, like so many ideologies before it – an ideology that panders to the pride in people’s hearts which demands that they be seen as superior to others. It is a brutal enemy we will face, one that has been demonstrating its depravity with indifference to the consequences.

Our decision, which we take with more than a dozen other countries, was made because our enemy has in a short period of time rolled across the Iraqi and Syrian landscape, raping and killing with abandon. Our enemy is quite certain of its prospects for victory – like Germany, the war seems to be going their way. And, like Germany, they are bound to find that they have overestimated their own strength and underestimated the determination and will of western nations.

For those who have despaired when we have shied away from the just fight, today is May 10. And the battle, having been joined, is certain to be won.

For those of faith who serve, I salute you and leave with you the words of Psalm 144:1:

The Lord, my protector, deserves praise—
the one who trains my hands for battle,
and my fingers for war



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