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Canada’s tallest man to play Goliath in upcoming movie

Jerry stands 7' 8'. His hand span is over a foot wide and he is wearing a custom made 6XL shirt: Image capture from Hughes

Jerry stands 7′ 8′. His hand span is over a foot wide and he is wearing a custom made 6XL shirt: Image capture from Hughes

Canadian Jerry Sokolosky stands 7′ 8″ tall. He has recently been chosen by director Tim Chey to play Goliath in a movie about King David. The $50 million movie is scheduled for release in 2015.

The director said he was delighted to find Sokolosky because he didn’t want to use a computer generated image (CGI) to portray Goliath.  CGI was used in the movie “The Incredible Hulk.” Chey says they will use CGI to portray David’s fight with the bear and the lion.

Though Goliath was 9′ tall, Chey believes Sokolosky will more than fill the role of Goliath, giving the ancient giant a realistic appearance.

Sokolosky was drafted by the NBA when he was younger and tried professional wrestling before moving into acting.

Miles Sloman, a young actor from London, England, will play the role of David.

Chey is a Christian, who as an atheist converted to Christ while reading a Gideon Bible in a Manilla hotel room.  In an interview with Christian Post (CP), Chey said he plans to keep the Biblical accuracy of the story which will focus on David’s early life up to the confrontation with Goliath.

The movie will also provide a historically accurate portrayal of the Philistines, who were a very brutal culture.

The movie which was filmed in North Africa and London is now in its post-production phase.

Chey has been involved in nine major movies, including The Genius Club and Carry Me Home (a movie based on the writer of the hymn “Amazing Grace” — John Newton).

Since his conversion, Chey has made a move into Christian-based productions. However, this has not come without a struggle. In his interview with CP, Chey said:

“I had reached the point in March 2012 where I was very discouraged at continuing to do Christian films. We were constantly being ridiculed by the secular media, our films were being sabotaged by online piracy, and fellow jealous Christians were mocking us saying the acting was bad, script was horrible, etc, etc. Thousands of people were coming to Christ so why did I let that bother me? I don’t know. The Lord showed me clearly it was a spiritual attack. I repented and began to trust the Lord again.”




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