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Wess Morgan sings “You Paid it All”

Wess Morgan is a relatively unknown gospel singer. He serves as both worship leader and an associate pastor at Celebration of Life Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee. His parents Joseph and Yolanda Morgan pastor the church.

As a boy, John Wesley (Wess) Morgan traveled with his parents and two siblings in their singing ministry across the U.S..

However, things began to derail for Wess. He became involved in drugs and alcohol, discovering cocaine at age 15. He ended up in juvenile detention after police charged Wess with armed robbery at age 17 and was again jailed for threatening people with an axe.

He spent time in recovery centers trying to break his addiction.

Though most gave up on him, his parents continued to believe God for their son. It was a rocky ride, as Wess committed his life to God, then went back to his drugs and then recommitted his life again. At one point, he went to Bible school and ended up briefly in the ministry before going back to Cocaine.

The turning point came after a car accident while high on drugs. When a person refused to let him merge, Wess pursued the vehicle, eventually crashing his own car. His friends in the car were seriously hurt and were airlifted to hospital. Though Wess walked away basically unhurt, he ended up in jail.

In an interview with CBN, Wess said:

“It was the end of my rope, and I remember asking one of the correctional officers to get me a Bible. I grabbed that Bible, and I didn’t depart from that Bible for eight days solid. I kept that Bible right on me, and I knew that God was forcing me to make a decision.”

That night, Wess recommitted his life to God and was instantly delivered from his addiction.

Today Wess is in full-time ministry with his parents and is developing a Gospel music ministry. He released his first Gospel CD in 2007.

His ministry goal is to show the power of God in delivering people from addiction. He founded the non-profit Repre Foundation, a youth ministry focused on drug/alcohol recovery and prevention. It works primarily in Hendersonville and Gallatan, Tennessee.

Sunday Best

In the video, Wess is singing in the 2013 finale of Sunday Best, a gospel singing competition that airs on Bet TV. It follows a similar model of Voice and American idol where singers compete in a singing competition. Sunday Best first aired in 2009.


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