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God’s Big Bang at creation?

Chart showing how the matter for the universe was created in matter of seconds under the Big Bang Theory Wikipedia/U.S. Government

Chart showing how the matter for the universe was created in matter of seconds under the Big Bang Theory. Image: Wikipedia/U.S. Government

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1 NASV)

In an article in the New York Times, radio astronomers state they have found gravitational waves rippling through space that confirms the Big Bang theory. Gravitational waves — like waves that form when you throw a rock in a pool of water — are believed to be ripples in the space-time continuum that formed when the universe was first created.

Astronomer John Kovac of the Harvard-Smithonian Center of Astrophysics said his team discovered gravitational waves that Albert Einstein predicted would occur if the Big Bang theory was correct.

But perhaps more startling is they detected the starting point of the universe. The universe as we know it, did not always exist.

Many thought this would be another attack on the Biblical creation account. In fact, the exact opposite has happened.

According to Israeli physicist Professor Nathan Aviezer of Bar-Ilan University the latest news confirms exactly what the Bible says — that God created the heavens and the earth. That there was a time when the universe did not exist and then it did.

The Big Bang theory

The Big Bang theory was first proposed by Dr. Edwin Hubble who believed the universe was created after a small concentrated ball of energy exploded 13.8 billion years ago.

The recent discovery confirms the cosmic inflationary theory of M.I.T. physicist Alan Guth who suggested the universe was initially compacted into something smaller than a thimble — a concentrated sphere of light. After the massive explosion, there was incredible inflationary expansion creating the matter that now composes our universe — galaxies, planets, moons and suns.

The universe was created from something the size of a thimble — it sounds like a miracle. The universe continues its expansion even today.

But not only was our universe created from basically nothing, it happened instantaneously — even faster than the speed of light — beyond anything we know today.  If you look at the chart at the beginning of the article, you can see the explosive expansion measured in the smallest fraction of a second.

Professor Mark Kamionkoswki from John Hopkins University described its speed this way:

“It’s not every day that you wake up and learn something new about what happened in one trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang.”

Professor Steven Hawking of  Cambridge University admitted, “the actual point of creation lies outside the presently known laws of physics.” In other words, nothing in science can explain how the universe was created.

It lines up with the Biblical account

In Genesis 1:1, it says God created (Hebrew ‘bara’) the universe and the earth. The Hebrew word ‘bara’ has a number of different meanings. It means to “initiate something new” as the word is used in Isaiah 41:20 and “bring into existence” (Isaiah 43:1)

When we look at the creation account, we read that God spoke the universe into being. When God said, “Let there be light” there was light.

Professor Aviezer admits the discovery will not convince scientists of the Biblical account, in the Times of Israel interview he said:

“Without addressing who or what caused it, the mechanics of the creation process in the Big Bang match the Genesis story perfectly. The universe had a definite starting point — a creation — as described in the Book of Genesis. To deny this now is to deny scientific fact.”

Aviezer wrote a book titled In the Beginning where he quotes a number of non-believing scientists. One of his favourites comes from Professor Paul Dirac a leading 20th century physicist. Aviezer says:

“Dirac said very clearly that the Big Bang theory means that ‘it is certain that the universe began at a definite time through an act of creation,’ and Dirac is a big atheist.”

There are certainly elements of the Big Bang theory that don’t line up with the creation account. But scientists are simply trying to explain what they are seeing after removing God from the equation.

But the Bible does address the idea of an expanding universe. In his article on Apologetics Press, Dr. Jeff Miller writes:

The Hebrew word translated “stretches out” (referring to God’s activity on the heavens) in Isaiah 40:22, for instance, is an active participle which, according to Hebrew scholars indicates “a state of continued activity”—implying that the stretching might be continuing to occur today (Weingreen, 1959, p. 66). While Isaiah compares God’s activity to that of spreading out a tent to dwell in and stretching out a curtain, cosmologists who describe expansion today describe it like the expansion that occurs as a balloon stretches out—a very similar concept to that of setting up a tent.

Other verses similarly portray this idea — Psalm 104:1-2; and Zechariah 12:1.


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