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Christians have rights too, says English judge

justice-7-12-2013In a recent ruling, an English judge stated Christians in that country have rights too. Master of the Rolls Lord Dyson of the Court of Appeals was commenting on a case involving Susanne Wilkinson, a Christian, who owned a Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, Berkshire.

In 2012, because of her Christian beliefs, Susanne had turned down a homosexual couple when they requested a room with a double bed.

The gay couple took Susanne to court claiming they were discriminated against. Susanne lost and a lower court ordered her to pay $6,000 in damages.

Susanne appealed her case. Lord Dyson, speaking on behalf of the Court of Appeal, said the court “reluctantly” upheld the previous court’s ruling on a technicality.  But in his ruling, the judge said that Christian rights are equal to homosexual and need to be protected.

In an interview with The Christian Institute, Susanne said though she was disappointed the court up held the fine, “I am also encouraged that the three presiding High Court judges have affirmed that the human right of religious belief is intrinsically as important as that of homosexual orientation and that neither right in principle trumps the other.”

Susanne is considering appealing her case to England’s Supreme Court and may join with another B&B couple Peter and Hazelmary Bull who face similar court action.

For the past few years, Christians in England have been reeling after losing numerous legal confrontations in England involving their faith. Such as Nadia Eweida, who was dismissed by British Airways in 2006, for not covering up her cross. Shirley Chaplin, a nurse, who was also removed from her position for a similar reason and Counsellor Gary McFarlane who was dismissed for not providing sexual counseling to a gay couple. In McFarlane’s case the judge described Christian views as “irrational.”


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