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Evangelical families being persecuted in Mexico, threatened with having water cut off

Christian Post is reporting that two Evangelical families living in the municipality of Huejutla de los Reyes in the province of Hidalgo in central Mexico had their water cut off and were forced to pay a fine because they refused to deny their faith.

Evangelical Christians under fire in Mexico for not contributing to a Catholic festival

Christian Solidarity Worldwide USA (CSW) is reporting Evangelical Christians are being persecuted because of their refusal to fund a traditional Catholic festival in the village of Union Juarez in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas is Mexico’s southern-most state. CSW is calling on Mexican authorities to help the Evangelical Christians under pressure in the village. According to CSW, traditional Catholic villagers are demanding each member of the Mount Tabor Evangelical Church in the village give 500 pesos which works out to about $38 US. The members of the Evangelical church refused to pay.