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Gone Bananas

I’m only sixty percent bananas! Woohoo! And my family said I was one hundred percent bonkers! Actually I am a bit more than sixty percent but I’ll take it. Especially since I am more bananas than chicken. I guess a crazy person who isn’t chicken is pretty scary so I better explain this one. A friend of mine ordered one of those DNA tests to find out about her roots and what wonderful diseases to which she can look forward when she gets old. Apparently she will be a healthy old broad. Then I remembered some old science that claimed we had something like ninety six percent similar DNA to a chimpanzee. Of course the evolutionists thought this was great since it proved we came from apes which came from some other animal etc until you got to pond scum. So the bottom line is we are all evolved pond scum. Except I don’t want to be pond scum! I looked at the similarities between DNA of humans and other things like chimps and bananas. …

Studies of identical twins reveal homosexuality is not genetic

According to Dr. Neil Whitehead, studies of identical twins are concluding homosexuality is not genetic.  Dr. Whitehead has a PhD in statistics and biochemistry. There are twin data-bases in a number of nations around the world containing records of thousands of twins. Since identical twins have the same DNA,  geneticists are using these repositories to study the impact of genetics. If same-sex attraction is genetic as some claim, then if one identical twin is homosexual, the other would be born that way as well. However, one of the revelations coming out of these studies is the realization homosexuality is not genetically based.