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Don't let fear dominate your life. Street art in Dublin, Ireland. Credit: Giuseppe Milo/Flickr/Creative Commons

Alcanzando todo tu potencial: enfréntate al miedo

English version: Achieving your full potential — deal with your fear Hay una interesante parábola en los Evangelios que creo que Jesús dijo a propósito para preparar a los discípulos para la eventual partida de Cristo. Sería un presagio de lo que vendría. Me estoy refiriendo a la enseñanza sobre talentos encontrada varias veces en los Evangelios. Aparece en diferentes formas y en diferentes momentos, y parece que Jesús contó esta parábola varias veces, porque era un mensaje que sus discípulos necesitaban escuchar. En la parabola en Mateo 25: 14-30, un gobernante emprende un largo viaje y decide dejar sus riquezas o talentos para invertir en manos de sus esclavos hasta que el regrese. Esto es paralelo a la partida de Jesús de la tierra, el otorgamiento del Espíritu Santo y sus dones (Lucas 24:49, Hechos 1: 8) y luego la segunda venida de Cristo. ¿Cuáles son los talentos? Creo que el reino de Dios, existen los dones (espirituales y naturales) y los llamamientos que Dios ha otorgado a cada creyente. El Señor tiene tareas …

Credit: Alex Pang/Flickr/Creative Commons

Human ‘being’ or human ‘doer’

A few weeks ago my husband and daughter noticed that I was tired and sleeping more than usual. Immediately, I became angry and defensively opened my calendar to recount every thing I had done over the past two weeks that justified my tiredness. My husband said to me, “it’s not about how much you have done or are doing.  Maybe, you need to go to the doctor and make sure it’s not your heart.  Your mother has heart disease.” His concern for my health interrupted my rant and how much I had done (with proof written in my calendar). I thanked him for caring enough to say something.  He was not questioning my ‘doer’ abilities but was genuinely concerned about my health. I was later moved to tears when I realized my Heavenly Father tries in the same way to push aside my “doing mindset” and convince me that “I am enough.” God loves and accepts us just the way we are. There is nothing we can do to prove ourselves to our Heavenly Father. …

Considered to be the location of the Garden Gethsemane located at the foot of Mount Olives in Jerusalem where Jesus sweated blood Credit: tango7174/Wikipedia

Italian woman sweats blood confirming Luke 22:44

Español: Mujer Italiana suda sangre confirmando Lucas 22:44 The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently published an article on the case of a 21-year-old Italian woman who has been bleeding blood from her face and hands. Italian doctors reported that over the past three years the woman has gone through episodes were she spontaneously bled blood without any breakage in the skin. According to their report the episodes would last up to five minutes. Though they occurred at any time from sleep to periods of exercise, doctors noted the bleeding intensified when she was under emotional stress. Embarrassed by her condition, the young woman was becoming a loner refusing to leave her home. After ruling out chromhidrosis, a condition that causes discolored sweat, doctors diagnosed the young woman with a rare condition called hematohidrosis – ‘blood sweat’, when people actually sweat blood. Some believe it’s caused by rupturing capillaries near the sweat glands. This can happen during times of extreme fear or stress. An Indian health journal reported ‘blood sweat’ in cases of people about to …

London, England subway Credit: Nige Harris/Flickr/Creative Commons

Should we take #MeToo seriously?

A few years ago I had to travel on the rapid transit for my work. On a busy day I walked to a subway station because I had to get some paper work in another part of the city. I remember a small crowd on the platform waiting for the train and I stayed higher up on the stairs to see the train when it came. And then something caught my attention. A young woman, probably a teenager kept pulling down her shirt, to expose one shoulder. A few steps from her was a young man, who I guessed was her boyfriend. He watched over her closely, and I began to realize that she was a prostitute and he was her pimp. They had brought their business onto the public transit system. If you are wondering, they didn’t seem to get any business. In any city, the public transit crowd is short on cash and the couple’s “business model” was never going to work, but I was really shaken. We all see the world in …

Report: By age 17, 83% of black children are living in broken homes

According to two reports released by the Family Research Council, (FRC) by age 17, 83% of Black children are living in broken homes. By the same age, 46% of white children are no longer living with both biological parents. Over the last 60 years, the problem has steadily worsened with an increasing number of children being affected by broken families. Between 1950 and 2012, the number of black teens aged 15 to 17, who lived in a family made up of both biological parents had declined by 21%. For white children, the decrease was 13%. Part of this breakdown is due to divorce. There was a time when parents stayed together for their children’s sake. However, that notion is now considered outdated and children are experiencing the rejection that comes with the family breakdown, often with devastating consequences. The FRC said: “The American family is in crisis. Our nation’s children, especially our black children, are being robbed of their married biological parents. However, another contributing factor was the number of children who from birth grow …

Remarkable discovery confirms the Bible’s crucifixion account

[by Dean Smith] While the Bible provides a first-hand account of the crucifixion of Christ, some have discredited the story as being little more than fabrication. However, the discovery of a crucified man in a tomb outside of Jerusalem in 1968 tossed cold water on these opinions. The discovery was made by Jewish archaeologist Vassilios Tzaferis. He found the bones of a crucified man in an ossuary or burial box in a tomb.  After death, bodies were wrapped in cloth and laid out on shelves in the tomb. After decomposition, family members transferred the bones to an ossuary — small boxes (16 inches to 28 inches long). The name on this box was “Yehohanan son of Hagakol.” He was a 25 to 30-year-old man and based on the tomb contents from a wealthy family. The tomb was dated to the first century AD, sometime before 70 AD, which made Yehohanan a contemporary of Jesus. Because of the family’s wealth, they suspect the Romans crucified him for rebellious activities instead of criminal. The crucifixion style It …

Is someone playing around with global warming temperatures?

In January, news was broadcast around the world that 2014 was the warmest year on record. In fact, the stats for those promoting this opinion showed there was only a 38% chance this prediction was right, and a 62% chance it was wrong. But in a matter of days 38% became a 100% fact. However, some in the media began to notice the discrepancy and published their concerns about the prediction. Now a major English newspaper, The Telegraph, is reporting another bizarre twist in the claim 2014 was the hottest year on record.

The Sad Siding Project

What Nehemiah Did and How You Can Do Anything: Chapter 4, Analyze and Manage Risk [by Sandy McIntosh] Nehemiah was the great project manager of the Bible. We are told to live by faith, and that is what he did. The repair-Jerusalem project was not possible, and he was the wrong person for the job, but he did it anyway. He was highly motivated, he clearly defined the need, he measured carefully, and then he met the enemies who wanted to kill him.

The real problem is fatherless boys?

[by Dean Smith] After the unfortunate shooting of Terrance Walker, 21, by a police officer, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke went on Fox News to explain the situation. He was responding to criticism by a local chapter of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) that described the incident as a “shoot first, ask questions later” killing of another young black man. Police allege Walker had a gun and was stalking his girlfriend. A pastor, officiating a wedding, called police when Walker showed up outside the church.

English government demands Christian school allow Muslim Imam to speak at school

It amazes me how intolerant secularists become when they speak of tolerance. In June 2014, the English government increased the reach of the UK Office of Standards in Education, Children Services and Skills (Ofsted) enabling it to enforce supposed “British values” in the school system. An article in The Telegraph gave Christians a first-hand look of how this will work.  Ofsted regulators recently visited a small independent Christian school in Home Counties which was described in Ofsted’s report as a “successful Christian school.”