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Sea of Loneliness

I used to have this sad dream. I was hungry and poor and walking around aimlessly ending up in a nice area of town by a restaurant. Inside people were eating and laughing. The food looked so good and the people in there were sitting with their friends. I had no money, no food, and no friends. I stared into that window for a long time. No one noticed me. No one saw me. I was alone in a sea of loneliness. That dream stuck with me all these years partly because it was my reality at one time. I was poor and lonely for a few years in my life. There were also years in which I was one of those people in the restaurant.  I know both sides and life is more fun and more rewarding when you have friends and money. During those times of feeling like an outcast, like I didn’t belong, I lived as an outsider. I spent much time in my one room at the back of an older …

‘WE’RE BACK’: Police revisit Calgary church

Earlier in April, five police officers and one health official showed up at a Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Good Friday for a COVID lockdown inspection but were driven out by its pastor, Artur Pawlowski, who was from Poland and has lived through communism. Well, the police returned again this past Sunday with more officers, you can’t have too many armed officers when dealing with an unarmed pastor, and a health inspector claiming she had a warrant.

The looming police shortage in America?

Antifa, Black Lives Matter, left-wing anarchists, murders, rapists, drug dealers and criminals are rejoicing with news that the ‘defund police’ movement has worked. Not only have city councils slashed police budgets, but officers are leaving police forces in droves, and the number of people applying to fill the empty positions is at its lowest levels ever.

What’s happening with Darwin’s evolution?

In 1859 Charles Darwin published his book “The Origin of the Species” and he described what we call his “Theory of Evolution.” Today Darwin is described as a “naturalist” because he was interested in natural things, but “Naturalist” was not really a profession. Charles Darwin was educated at Cambridge University and his professional training could be described as theology or divinity. He was trained and qualified to be a minister in the Church of England, and he was similar to a graduate of a Bible College today. His theory of evolution gave us a universe without God; a place where life emerged from nothing and evolved into what we have today, through natural processes. It was a way to explain the creation without the creator. We can read Darwin’s book as theology, and not just biology. I think we all know there is a religious argument in the theory of evolution. Sometimes, when I’m driving in traffic, I see a fish symbol on another car. That is supposed to mean the driver is a Christian, …