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Churches in South Korea often display red crosses. In what is described as Reverse Missionary, South Korean Churches are sending missionaries to the West. Two churches side by side in Suwon, South Korea Credit: donut2D/Flickr/Creative Commons

Have you met a Reverse Missionary?

Recently, a young man named John Allen Chau traveled to a place that belongs to India, North Sentinel Island, where the natives attacked him and probably killed him, although some family members think he might still be alive. The North Sentinelese have a long history of killing anyone who visit their island, and it is likely that Mr. Chau is dead. The government of India bans all travel to the place, and now no one can recover the body, or even identify it. RELATED: Missionary wrote ‘God, I don’t want to die’ right before tribe killed him Mr. Chau was a missionary, he went to the island to tell the natives about Jesus. His las name “Chau” might seem Asian, but he is from the U.S. Apparently his home is Vancouver Washington, on the north side of Portland Oregon, and I think he trained to be a missionary in Kansas. His story, and his probable death, have generated some discussion, like ‘He’s crazy.’ and ‘Those Christians are colonial imperialists.’ and ‘Why do those island people …

Credit: Blake Chen/Flickr/Creative Commons

Breaking out of your victim cage

I am on an email list for Lana Vawser who has a prophetic ministry in Australia. Almost every time I receive a prophetic email from her it speaks directly into my life about where I have been and where I am now and where I am headed spiritually in the future. Even though she has hundreds of followers, her emails often address issues I am facing at the moment.  She recently sent out a prophetic word about an issue that has controlled my life for many years: “The enemy has tried so hard to place false lenses on you in your battles and attempt to cage you in fear … “You see not through eyes of defeat, you see not through eyes of a victim mentality, you see not through eyes of fear, but you are now arising and seeing with greater clarity and vision through My eyes.  The enemy has tried so hard to place false lenses on you in your battles and attempt to cage you in fear, but now you are arising …

Pontius Pilate presenting Christ to the crowd by Antonio Ciseri (1821-1891)/Wikipedia

2,000-year-old ring discovered belonging to Pontius Pilate?

A copper alloy ring discovered 50 years ago during a dig at Herod’s burial tomb and palace between 1968-69 may have belonged to Pontius Pilate, the Roman prefect who ruled Judea between 26 and 36 AD (CE). The ring was part of hundreds of artifacts discovered at the dig. After being in storage for several decades, the Israeli Antiquities Authority had the ring cleaned and analyzed. Using a special camera, they discovered the words “of Pilate ” (Pilatus) engraved on the center of the ring around the image of a large wine vessel called a Krater. Because of its discovery in the Herod excavation, there is speculation the ring belonged to Pontius Pilate, the man who ordered Christ’s crucifixion. The down side is the ring is not of great quality which caused some to question whether it would be a ring Pontius Pilate would have worn. However, the best evidence that it belonged to Pontius Pilate is due to the name. While Pontius is common enough, the name Pilate was “extremely rare.” In fact, there …

The Dead Sea Credit: Daniel Goodwin/Flickr/Creative Commons

Evidence found supporting the Biblical description of Sodom and Gomorrah’s destruction?

In an article published in Science News, archaeologists working at Tall el-Hammam located in Jordan, a site that many believe is the remains of the ancient city of Sodom, have found evidence corroborating its massive destruction recorded in the Bible that spoke of brimstone and fire falling from the sky: 24 Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven, 25 and He overthrew those cities, and all the valley, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and what grew on the ground. (Genesis 19:24-25 NASV) Archaeologists have found evidence of the area being hit with a massive explosion that turned glaze on potsherds into glass. They also found stone fragments stuck in the glaze that supports the idea that something poured down upon cities from the sky. According to lead archaeologist Philip J. Silvia, the heat was “perhaps as hot as the surface of the sun.” They also discovered that the bricks used in the buildings were totally obliterated leaving only the stone foundations. The Bible records that …

Credit: Matt Phillips/Flickr/Creative Commons

5 | What really sunk Peter?

When Jesus pulled Peter out of water after his failed attempt to walk on water, the Lord said Peter had ‘little faith.’ I think we have misunderstood the concept of “little faith” and we need to understand it in light of the “great faith” of the Phoenician woman. These two stories are connected.

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Is Religion Evil?

Is all religion evil? Some people think so. Recently, a large number of devout Muslims met in a wedding hall in Kabul Afghanistan to celebrate the birthday of their Prophet Muhammad. As they were celebrating their holy day, a suicide bomber detonated explosives among them, killing at least fifty and injuring many more. RELATED: Suicide bombing at Kabul religious gathering kills dozens I am not a Muslim, but I sympathize with the victims; they were innocently commemorating something that is sacred to them. The killer was a fellow Muslim, but many extreme Muslim terrorists have condemned the bombing. Some really dangerous people are appalled by what happened. They would never take it that far. Stories like this just boost the argument that religion is an evil force in the world and it should be removed. One famous quote, apparently by Karl Marx is “Religion is the opiate of the peoples” but that might have been a common proverb in his time. My impression of anyone who wants us to quit something, is that they want …

Credit: Tony Webster/Flickr/Creative Commons

ARGENTINA 2008 – ‘ La Fuente del Avivamiento ‘

English: ARGENTINA 2008 – ‘Spring up O Well’ Estuvimos en Argentina en 2008 y habíamos contactado con una iglesia en Resistencia que había estado involucrada en el poderoso avivamiento que sacudió a ese país en los años cincuenta. Creo que Dios me había enviado a Argentina para abrir los pozos de avivamiento y llevarlo al norte a Canadá. El pastor de la iglesia de Resistencia, Alejandro Juszczuk, me había invitado a hablar. I Corintios 12: 4-6 dice que hay una variedad de dones y ministerios, pero el mismo Dios es el que trabaja. No depende de mí decirle a Dios, sino seguirlo. Cuando llegué al servicio a la mañana siguiente y me paré en el púlpito, después de que Alejandro Juszczuk dijo “Pedro tu predicas” y yo dije “Sí, Alejandro, hablaré”. Miré para ver si la Señal de Dios estaba en su lugar. La pareja del ministerio estaba sentada en la fila 4, en el pasillo, tal como Dios me había dicho. Entonces, en obediencia a la Señal de Dios, abrí la fuente del avivamiento. El …

Resistencia, Argentina Credit: patricurcio/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

ARGENTINA 2008 – ¿Cómo naciste un avivamiento?

English: ARGENTINA 2008 – How do you birth a revival? Pasaron cinco años después de recibir tres Visitas Celestiales (leídas aquí y aquí) en las que el Ángel del Señor había dicho: “¡Quiero que mi avivamiento argentino se mueva hacia el norte, la Fuente Resistencia abierta! Quería desesperadamente dar al Señor lo que Él deseaba. Él lo quería; Quería dárselo a Él, pero ¿cómo? La respuesta es profunda y extremadamente simple: 17 Pero Jesús les respondía:—Mi Padre aún hoy está trabajando, y yo también trabajo. (Juan 5:17 NVI) —Ciertamente les aseguro que el Hijo no puede hacer nada por su propia cuenta, sino solamente lo que ve que su Padre hace, porque cualquier cosa que hace el Padre, la hace también el Hijo. (Juan 5: 19c NVI) ¿Cómo naciste un avivamiento? Ves y obedeces. Asistí a un fin de semana de retiro en Saskatchewan Beach cuando tenía 19 años, en 1973. Un joven de 21 años, llamado John, me habló una palabra de Dios (profetizó). Él dijo: “Eres como un niño pequeño que suelta la mano de …