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Hamas unleashes missile barrage on Israel and targets a nuclear power plant

Missile launched from Israel's Iron Dome defense system against Hamas rocket attack: Wikipedia/Flicker/IDFonline

Missile launched from Israel’s Iron Dome defense system against Hamas rocket attack: Wikipedia/Flicker/IDFonline

Israel Today reports that Hamas has unleashed massive missile attacks on Israel and is specifically targeting an Israeli nuclear power plant. It is estimated they fired about 300 missiles and rockets against Israel on Wednesday and Thursday (July 9 & 10, 2014).

The missiles are being fired from the Gaza strip which the Hamas controls. The Gaza strip is a small piece of Palestinian land in Southern Israel bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

As well as targeting Israel’s Dimona nuclear power generator, Hamas has also launched missiles at the suburbs of Tel Aviv in hopes of inflicting civilian casualties. It also being reported that Lebanon terrorists have started firing missiles into Northern Israel.

Hamas has acquired new missiles with a longer range. This means almost two-thirds of Israel’s eight million population (five million) is vulnerable to attack.

The GAZA strip bordering the Mediterranean sea: UN

The Gaza strip bordering the Mediterranean sea is controlled by the Hamas: UN

In addition, Hamas terrorists have launched attacks via the ocean against Israel’s southern coast possibly targeting Kibbutz Zikim. These were successfully repelled. Hamas is also trying to infiltrate Israeli border checkpoints with bomb-laden cars.

Fortunately, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system is proving effective. Israel’s defense force reports it is knocking down 30% to 40% of the terrorists’ missiles, earlier reports had put this percentage as high as 90%. The drop may reflect Hamas making adjustments to its attack pattern to get around the defensive grid.

To this point, the ones that have penetrated the defense sheild have not caused extensive damage. But air raid sirens are now an hourly occurrence in Israel.

It is becoming obvious to many the intent is to keep bombarding Israel with the hopes a few will get through. A hit on the nuclear power plant would be a major coup for Hamas.

Israel has launched air and missile attacks against Hamas, but the terrorist organization is using civilians to guard its positions. On Tuesday, July 8, 2014, in an interview on  Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas spokesman Sam Abu Zuhni called for Palestinian civilians to gather around Hamas positions to act as a human shield against the Israeli attacks.

Israel has mobilized 20,000 reserve troops for possible ground attacks. This may include a re-occupation of the Gaza strip which Israel gave to the Palestinians in 2005.

Who are the Hamas?

The Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) is the largest and most extreme of the militant groups existing in Palestine today. The Hamas, led by Khaled Meshaal, forcibly took control of the Gaza strip in 2005.

Many countries have designated Hamas a terrorist organization — including Canada, US, Japan and the European Union — because of its repeated terrorists attacks on Israel and its charter goal calling for the compete destruction of Israel.

In the 2006 elections, the Hamas made huge political gains in the Palestinian Legislative Council. This led to clashes with the ruling Fatah of the Palestinian Authority. The Fatah is led by Mahmoud Abbas who took control of the group after the death of Yassar Arafat in 2004.

In 2011, Fatah signed a reconciliation treaty with Hamas and joined forces to create a unified Palestinian government.

Reports say Fatah had initially joined Hamas in the latest attack on Israel and was firing rockets as well, but with public opinion turning against Hamas, Fatah seems to be backing away from the conflict.



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