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Ray Comfort: The Bible predicted the ‘Mark of the Beast’ technology on the hand

In a recent YouTube video, Ray Comfort, the founder of Living Water Publication, focused on what he described as the emergence of the technology paving the way for the Mark of the Beast.

Providing a balance to the Mark of the Beast

A few weeks back, I was watching a video of a Christian panel discussing the COVID vaccine. I was shocked when a woman suggested that getting vaccinated was essentially taking the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation 13. When the moderator asked her about those Christians who had already been vaccinated, the woman replied, “it’s too late for them.” In addition to a mark on our right hand and forehead, we also had to watch out for a band-aid on our left shoulder. It’s unfortunate that the Apostle John never warned us in advance about this. And in Sweden, some people are having microchips inserted in their hands that contained their vaccine passport, instead of downloading an app on their cell phones. This seemed to have ominous overtones about the Mark of the Beast, as the chip has multiple uses, including purchasing items. But is this what the Apostle John was warning us about? For a better understanding, we need to have a closer look at what the Mark of the Beast ultimately stands …

Ottawa Credit: Padraic Ryan/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Why an Ottawa city councilor opposed Michael Olsen’s volunteer appointment

It was a bizarre move, and some would argue a sign of the times, but a city of Ottawa councilor recently opposed the appointment of Michael Olsen to a volunteer position on the Ottawa’s transit board. With a population of nearly a million, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and the city’s transit board has set aside one position for a member of the public. Over 92 people applied for the position on the board and it had been narrowed down to three and according to Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, he understood that Olsen was the transit commission’s top choice. So why did city Councillor Shawn Menard oppose Olsen’s appointment? Menard opposed it because Olsen, a retired Federal employee, is actively pro-life. A shocked Olsen told Lifesitenews, “What does this have to do with transit?” Nothing. Fortunately when Menard tried to thwart Olsen’s appointment, the city clerk, who also happened to be a lawyer, told city council that it couldn’t reject Olsen’s appointment because of his belief on abortion because it is protected under …