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Edmonton Credit: Dave Sutherland/Flickr/Creative Commons

The terror attack on my street

On Saturday night I had trouble sleeping because of the flickering lights. Red meant police with no sirens, and no color was the helicopter searching for someone. I wasn’t concerned, but I stayed inside. I learned later that a man, possibly police, was digging in a garbage bin nearby, and shining a light on passing cars. The morning news said something about a driver who hit a police officer, and a small truck that flipped over, both close to my home. I drove to church on Sunday and saw a police car parked near our home. At church, I couldn’t get in because of a big celebration that filled the parking lot, so I went to another place. In the new church, the preacher kept telling us that God was going to do great things; we only had to trust. I didn’t disagree, but I didn’t see anything big. In the afternoon I went for a walk and many police officers were searching my neighbourhood. A news crew tried to get a man-in-the-street interview from …

Finnish reporter’s outrage at Israel, as it uses her media report to expose Hamas’ brutality

Finnish reporter Aishi Zidan was in Gaza to do one thing – report on the suffering of the Gaza people because of Israel’s battle with Hamas terrorists. Instead, she inadvertently confirmed exactly what Israel has said from the beginning of the conflict, that Hamas was intentionally endangering Gaza civilians by using them as a protective shield. As Zidan was doing her report for Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat, she stated without thinking that at 2 am she noticed that Hamas was launching a missile from the backyard of the Gaza-based Shifa Hospital — yes a hospital. A translation of her comments, provided by The Blaze, reads: