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The Choices We Make

I miss my dog Sugar. She was 14 years old and passed a week ago.  My greatest comfort has been envisioning a creamy white pup running through fields chasing rabbits. It was her happy place and on most of our walks over the years a rabbit usually showed up just around a corner or ran across the street in front of her to entice her. I hope there is a doggy heaven, that dogs and pets alike may be guaranteed a heavenly home because of their innocence and inability to make human choices.  They make choices but it’s limited to chasing a rabbit or not, begging for food or escaping the back yard into the neighborhood and beyond. Unlike humans, animals do not have the same understanding that we have.  Our Creator gave us a free will to make our own choices — good, bad and ugly — and as a reward we get to own our mistakes, failures and successes. We get to take responsibility for the good and bad. We may want to …

Orthodox Jews Photo: Arnoffoto/ CC BY

Is Paul’s prediction that all of Israel would be saved on the verge of happening?

Sid Roth is an American Messianic Jew. He started a ministry focused on the super natural working of the Holy Spirit. Though he ministers to all ethnic groups, his focus has been to the Jews first (Romans 1:16). He recently reported on a major move of God among the Jewish community in Odessa, Ukraine. With a population of one million, Odessa is the Ukraine’s fourth largest city. Located on the Baltic Sea it is the provincial capital of Odessa Oblast. There are about 12,400 Jews living there today. But historically, Odessa was home to a large Jewish population. Prior to the start of World War II, the city had 201,000 Jews — then about 30% of the population. Thousands died in Nazi concentration camps during the war and after it ended most remaining Odessa Jews immigrated to Israel. According to his website, Roth described the recent one-day event as the most successful outreach he has ever experienced in evangelistic meetings geared towards a Jewish audience. He reported that nearly 1,000 Jews accepted Jesus as their …

Did Yasser Arafat become a Christian before he died?

[by Dean Smith] Prior to his death on November 11, 2004, Yasser Arafat was leader of the Palestinian National Authority and leader of the Fatah party which, along with Hamas, rules Palestine today. He was a Muslim and enemy of Israel. But he was also friends with RT Kendall, an American-based evangelical pastor and teacher, who according to an interview with Premier Christianity magazine, had met with Arafat several times before he died. Kendall arranged his first meeting with Arafat in 2002, and then met with him five times after that. During those meetings, Kendall not only shared Christ with Arafat, but Kendall also prayed for the Palestinian leader and even sat with Arafat, along with many of his aides, as they watched “The Passion of Christ.” According Kendall, Arafat actually cried viewing the movie on the crucifixion of Christ.

Pope Francis

Pope ditches Bible and decides atheists can go to heaven without believing

In simple dismissal of Scripture, Pope Francis declared atheists can go to heaven without believing in God. The statement was part of a letter Pope Francis sent to the Eugenio Scalfari, publisher of La Repubblica newspaper. Scalfari is not a Catholic and sent a letter to the Pope asking a series of questions. Pope Francis did throw in one qualifier though, atheists and others would have to listen their conscience. According to reports,