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Who made you judge? Photo: ssalonso/Flickr

Everybody needs somebody, Everybody needs somebody to judge

I have always struggled with being judgmental. I know I should not judge and understand “as you judge others so shall you be judged,” yet, at times I find myself being critical of others and often for no real reason. I needed to find a way not to judge people. Clearly, simply deciding not to judge wasn’t working. I needed something, a word, that would change my perception of people and my instinct to judge. The word “honor” began to present itself.  As I took a closer look at “honor,” I knew this was a word that could deliver me from my judgmental attitude and help change my perception of people. The Apostle Paul said: “Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another”  (Romans 12:10) An acquaintance recently shared her experience as a foster parent. Megan and her husband Justin decided to become foster parents three years ago.  They determined to build a relationship with the parents of their foster kids as they had opportunity. Megan knew …