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Young Norwegian boy, sick for 11 years, healed by power of prayer

Norwegian doctors were shocked by the dramatic healing that took place in America when Adrian, now 16, was prayed for during a church meeting in 2015. Shortly after Adrian was born, he developed a mysterious illness that doctors were unable to explain. He became extremely sick whenever he ate. Because eating caused such serious symptoms, he was fed by IV for several years and during the first three years of his life, Adrian spent weeks in hospital. As a result of his illness, his muscles were weakening, and he was also experiencing epileptic seizures and a racing heart condition called tachycardia. When he was 11 years old, doctors recommended that Adrian’s Christian parents take their son on a trip. They were probably envisioning a trip to Disneyland and the California beaches, through which the family could build some memories of their son, because there was growing uncertainty on how long Adrian would live. However, Adrian’s parents had been calling out to God for their son. And part of their trip to the US, included attending …

After praying for a sick woman, Christian leaders imprisoned for practicing medicine without a license

Bordered by Cambodia, China, Vietnam and Thailand, Laos is a landlocked, communist country in Southeast Asia. Officially called Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Transparency International labelled Laos as one of the most corrupt nations in the world. Last year, the government charged five church leaders with practicing medicine without a license because they prayed for a sick woman. Morning Star News is reporting on a legal decision that came down February 12, 2015, the five Christians were each fined US$62 and sentenced to nine months in jail. The group must also pay the family of the deceased woman US$2,448 for emotional distress and funeral costs.