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The ‘Hand of God’ at work over the Atlantic Ocean

You may have heard the dramatic story about Darren Harrison, 39, who on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, was forced to land a single-engined plane when the pilot became incapacitated.

True Peace

Most people want peace. Many of us want peace even if it means war to get it. And most of the time we want peace on our terms. This creates problems. For some, peace is simply an absence of conflict. For others, peace is an inner state of consciousness. Some people seek peace through nature, prayer, or meditation. It just seems very difficult to find. Maybe we are looking in the wrong places. Just like that old country song says, we are looking in all the wrong places (Looking for Love by Johnny Lee, released in 1980). Peace is not something you can buy at a store, find in a bottle, or discover on a mountaintop. To be sure, there is a peaceful environment in nature and many of the things we do to get peace provide temporary relief, but where can we find true peace? Let’s examine two concepts about peace. The first is that it is the absence of conflict. Do you believe that when there is a ceasefire in any one of …