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Video: Is Genesis history?

This video is definitely worth a watch if you want to get a different side of the story of the creation and evolution debate. Well produced. If nothing else, watch the first two minutes. I found their explanation of the worldwide flood fascinating. One Christian geologist believes the massive mountain ranges were created after and by the flood. I did a podcast recently on dinosaurs and pulled one verse out of Genesis to explain why the dinosaurs disappeared., an no there demise wasn’t caused by a flood.

What if?

If you study the size and diversity of the DNA of our current human population, scientists using computer modelling concluded that humans must have evolved from thousands of ancestral couples. However, Dennis Venema, a Biology professor, challenged this notion in his book Adam and the Genome where he discussed a study by developmental biologist Ann Gauger and Swedish mathematician Ola Hössjer. The two scientists wondered how long it would take, using the same computer models, to have the same genetic diversity today if you started with just one pair of humans. As Venema explained in his book that had never been done before, because in the minds of most evolutionists, that was not the way it happened, so why bother studying such an alternative. So using the same computer model and generally accepted presuppositions such as population growth rates, Gauger and Hössjer started with one original couple instead of thousands. The results show that if the original couple shared some genetic bio markers, (meaning they evolved from a common evolutionary ancestor), it would have taken …

It took science 4,500 years to finally realize….

In 2014, while speaking at a legal conference in England, Professor Colin Blakemore told the attendees that he believed 120 was the maximum age people could live too. He described it as the “absolute limit to human lifespans.” A neurobiologist, Blackmore, who has also been knighted for his work in medical research, is the former head of England’s Medical Research Council. Blakemore was reacting to comments by some predicting that people’s life spans could triple. He said though medical research is extending how long people are living, there is a limit. And certainly, recent medical advancements are allowing people to live longer: In 2014, the Global Age Index stated if the trend continues in 2050 21% of earth’s population will be over 60, compared to 12% today and 4% will be over 80, compared the current 2%. Over the past decade, the number of people over the age of 100 in England has increased by 71%. There are 14,000 people over the age 0f 100 in England compared to only 2,500 in the early 1980s. …

Antarctic Peninsula, Paradise Bay -- tonykliemann/Flickr/Creative Commons

The Book of Job and the ice age

Español: El libro de Job y la edad de hielo Theologians consider the Book of Job as one of the oldest books of the Bible. It is generally believed to have been written during the time of the early patriarchs, shortly after Noah’s flood. There is an interesting feature about Job. It refers to ice and snow more than any other book in the Bible. It not only discusses ice and snow, but does it in a much more descriptive way. Out of the South comes the storm. And out of the North comes the cold From the breath of God ice is made And the expanse of the water is frozen. (Job 37:9-10 NASV) The word expanse is translated in another version “broad waters” refers to massive bodies of ice. Job was describing a sea of ice. Considering Job lived in the Middle East, where did he get this idea? Then he throws out another depiction: From whose womb comes the ice? Who gives birth to the frost from the heavens 30 when the waters …

Did massive oceans beneath the earth’s surface contribute to Noah’s flood?

Steven Jacobsen, a geophysicist from Northwestern University, and seismologist Brandon Schmandt from the University of New Mexico believe they have found a body of water far below the earth’s surface. The results of their study were published in Science. This group was sending seismic waves into the ground to discover what lies below. At 700 kms (400 miles) beneath the surface, they ran into a layer of ringwoodite. Their tests suggested it also contained water. The temperature and pressure at this level would cause the water to sweat out of the ringwoodite. Jocobsen said ringwoodite has a unique crystal structure that allows it to soak up water like a sponge.  The two speculated if just 1% of this ringwoodite mass contained water, it would be three times the size of the earth’s oceans.

What the Bible says really ended the dinosaur era… and no, it wasn’t the flood

One of the beliefs of evolution is that dinosaurs evolved into birds. There is a reason evolutionists went down this road and its based on a little known fact about dinosaurs — and oddly it’s one that supports the Biblical record on what ended the dinosaur era. The paleontological record shows that dinosaurs started shrinking in size. This was the conclusion of a study by a group of scientists from Oxford University.