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Jonathan Cahn tells what happened when his car was surrounded by Muslims in Nigeria

Though Muhammad is considered the prophet of Islam, it is interesting to note that the Muslim Quran, Islam’s version of the Christian Bible, has more to say about Jesus than it does about Muhammad. Significantly more. Among other things, it describes Jesus as a miracle worker, healer, and prophet. The Quran also states that Jesus is the Messiah. However, the Quran also does not believe that Jesus died on the cross, it actually states that the disciples mistakenly thought He had. But the Quran also says that Jesus actually did not die and was taken to heaven while still alive. The Quran adds that Jesus will even return with Islam’s Mahdi (imam) during Islamic end times. This is in contrast to Muhammad who did die and will not return with Mahdi. So in many ways, Jesus has a very prominent role in Islam, and it could be argued even more than Muhammad. So with this as a bit of background, Christian teacher and Messianic Jew Jonathan Cahn recently shared in a video about an incident …

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Is Islam Incompatible with Christianity?

Very recently, in a “town hall” meeting, a citizen questioned the Prime Minister of Canada, and stated that Islam is not compatible with Christianity. People in the audience booed, and I have since read comments aimed at the citizen, about Fascists and Nazis and intolerant people. RELATED: Trudeau stands up for immigrants as town hall questioner slams Islam I know the speaker had one big problem. He is an unsophisticated citizen and he was up against a skilled and sophisticated spin-doctor politician. My advice to anyone who disagrees with a professional politician, is to stay away from the microphone. We can’t compete in their arena. In the case of the Canadian Prime Minister, the citizen with a grievance became a foil. In literature, that means a mirror. If the citizen can appear to be bumbling and unsophisticated, the politician can look like a shining star of reasonableness, in contrast. The citizen’s concern will never be heard, and no-one will try to understand. Modern western culture is dominated by sound bites, and insulting put-downs, and bitter …

Twenty-one Christian men marching to martyrdom on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Redeeming the land?

Dr Joseph Yousef has a ministry, Leading the Way, that broadcasts via radio and TV to over 190 countries around the world. On a recent program, Yousef interviewed Shahid (not his real name) a former Muslim from Libya. After attending a Muslim school for 14 years, Shahid was an expert in Islamic Law and interpretation. However, he began to question his Islamic faith and when he asked sincere questions to those mentoring him, he was abruptly told the Qur’an forbids people from asking questions. Shahid said he struggled with this doubt for four years and finally renounced Islam and decided to become an atheist. It was during this period he heard about Christianity through Leading the Way’s 24-hour satellite channel. He ended up contacting the ministry who eventually introduced the young Muslim man to several Christians living in Jordan and Lebanon. Shahid met secretly with a group for a few months, studying the Bible. He eventually became a Christian and was baptized. Today, he is sharing his faith with fellow Muslims primarily in Libya and …

Za'atari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. Photo UNHCR Photo Unit/Flickr/Creative Commons

Muslim family receives a message from God through a vision

Ekballow Project is a ministry actively involved in sharing Jesus among Muslims. According to  Ekballow’s Tyler Connel, because of the horrific suffering Muslims are experiencing in the Middle East at the hands of extremists many are becoming disillusioned and are increasingly open to the Gospel. The organization recently shared a video on the compelling story of how a whole family of Muslims in the Middle East became Christians. Two years ago, A young man, 24, from Vermont, USA, who they refer to only as “Daniel” to protect his identity, was ministering to Syrians in a refugee camp in an unnamed Muslim country. With an interpreter at his side, he was going from tent to tent sharing Christ. When he arrived at one tent, he introduced himself as “Daniel” and told the family he was there to talk about Jesus. He had barely finished his sentence, when the father started yelling and the family sat stunned looking at him. It was obvious something unusual was taking place. Daniel asked the interpreter what was going on. Through …

Muslims threw Christians off refugee boat crossing the Mediterranean

[by Dean Smith – updated April 18, 2015] Italian police are reporting that Muslims on board a refugee boat crossing the North Mediterranean Sea from Libya threw 12 Christians off the boat. The 12 were murdered simply because they were Christians. The rubber boat held 105 people when it left Libya on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. Somewhere along their journey Muslims on board became aware of the Christians. The Muslims were from Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali. [Since we posted this story, there have been more revelations on what happened on board the raft carrying the 105 refugees. Apparently, the rubber boat started leaking and people began praying. The Muslims on board became enraged when they heard a boy praying to God instead of allah. Screaming allah is great they threw the boy overboard. When other Christians tried to help the boy, the Muslims turned on them as well.] The murdered Christians were from Ghana and Nigeria and were likely fleeing the escalating Muslim violence against Christians in those countries.

Muslims eject woman from American Church for declaring Jesus is Lord

[by Dean Smith] When the Episcopalian Church decided to allow Muslims to hold a call to prayer at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, on Friday, November 14, 2014, it was intended to show that two of the world’s major faiths worship the same God. Instead it showed how far the Episcopalian church has fallen from God. But things went a bit awry when Christine Weick, a 5o-year-old, Michigan woman, showed up during the prayer time and told the Muslims in attendance that “Jesus is Lord.”