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Credit: Kiril Strax/Flickr/Creative Commons

God who sees me

A few days ago, I was on my knees praying at my bedside. I needed to get rid of the weight of expectations I had put on myself and as well some other emotional baggage I was carrying. I know what it’s like to pick up a weight that is too heavy for you because two weeks earlier I had done exactly that while at the gym. I used a weight that was just to heavy for me. Well, my body has been recovering from that incident for three weeks now. I felt crunched from head to toe. And, that is how I felt that night as I knelt at my bedside, crunched, overloaded and hurting in my spirit. Too much emotional weight had piled itself on me and I was feeling overwhelmed in many areas. I am not much of a kneeler when it comes to prayer as I like to walk while I pray.  But that night I went to my knees because I desperately needed to transfer everything over to Jesus. It …