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Credit: Nikolai Vassilieve/Flickr/Creative Commons

Does God still heal today? An Interview with Andy Becker: PODCAST

PODCAST NOTES: Hi, my name is Dean Smith and in this episode I am interviewing Andy Becker and asking the question: “Does God still heal today?” Andy is lead of Lighthouse Ministries, an outreach ministry that provides hot soup, friendship and a church service to people of the core area of Regina. He is also a writer and speaker and I’ve been wanting to interview him about a healing experience that he had in April, 2016. Dean: Welcome Andy ANDY BECKER: Thank you for inviting me here. Dean: So can you tell me a bit about yourself and what was going on before you were healed? ANDY: Sure. First perhaps a bit of background on me though might be useful to help your listeners gain some perspective. I worked as a counselor for a a long time and at one time I was an Acting Clinic Coordinator for an addictions program. Then I also worked for Insight for Living Ministries, which is Chuck Swindoll’s radio program. My last position was as Executive Director for a …

Luxli's MRI revealing the tumor in the scan on the left and and then its miraculous disappearance in the scan on the right. Credit: Youtube screen shot KVUE-TV and USA TODAY

Texas doctors stunned as rare, deadly, incurable brain tumor miraculously disappears

For several months, the media has been following the case of, Roxli Doss, 11, a girl living in Buda, Texas who neurosurgeons diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in June 2018. It all started with Roxli’s complaints of head aches and double vision and after going to the doctor she was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer — Diffuse Instrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). According to doctors it was an incurable form of brain cancer that would begin to affect her breathing and heart rate and areas of the brain that affects how we “see, hear, walk, talk and eat.” Eventually it hindering your basic ability breath, eat and live. When news came out, the community rallied around the family. Fundraising events were held and a Gofundme page was set up for help to pay the medical bills. Though there was no hope for a cure, in an interview with KVUE TV back in August, Roxli’s father Scott said the family was turning to God and praying and believing for a …

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What does a dog insult have to do with what really sunk Peter?: PODCAST

  Episode #5 Notes Hi my name is Dean Smith and and in this episode we ask the question, and hopefully answer: What does a dog insult have to do with what really sunk Peter? Many of us are familiar with the story found in in Mathew 14 of the Apostle Peter’s failed attempt to walk on water. This account has been used repeatedly to show us that we need “more” faith for Divine miracles and that’s because as Jesus pulled Peter out of the water, the Lord said “You of little faith, why did you doubt.” “Little faith” leaves the impression that Peter failed simply because he needed “more” faith. But was this actually the case? Did Peter need more faith or was there something more sinister at work here? Faith was one of the important teachings of Christ. It was so important, that Jesus actually developed his own special word — oligopistos, commonly translated ‘little faith’ —  used to describe the disciples’ faith. We see the word used in Matt 6:30 and Luke 12:28. But …

Jesus healing the blind man by El Greco (1541-1614) Credit: Wikipedia

Barbara Snyder’s healing from MS shocked doctors

In his book, The Case for Miracles, evangelist Lee Strobel cites the miraculous healing of Barbara Snyder that took place nearly 30 years ago. Strobel, 66, is a former investigative journalist with the Chicago Tribune. He became a Christian in 1981 shortly after he decided to investigate Jesus and the Christian faith after his wife became a Christian. After his conversion, Lee worked briefly as a pastor before moving into an apologetic’s ministry focusing on writing and video productions. In his most recent book, Strobel decided to look at miracles. Though he believed the Biblical stories of Christ’s miracles, Strobel was less convinced miracles were happening today. However, after analyzing several miracles Strobel is convinced they are. One miracle in particular stands out. It involves Barbara Snyder and took place nearly 30 years ago. The Mayo Clinic had diagnosed Barbara with multiple sclerosis. Despite several operations and treatments, Barbara continued to deteriorate to the point that she was put into respite with doctor’s orders not to resuscitate. By this point, she was almost blind and …

Healings are not about how spiritual I am, but rather on how willing I am to be used by God

[by Ken Zerbin] Sometimes our journey of faith meets some real challenges when we try to measure our faith.  I would like to encourage fellow believers to keep trusting the Lord and His Word, no matter how strong or weak we might feel our faith is.  Remember…it is Who we are putting our trust in that is important…it’s not about the “quality” of our trust. Several summers ago I was at one of my lowest spiritual points of my life.  We had gathered a number of our paid and volunteer staff from the church for a training event.  The instructor did a great job, but as the day’s training progressed, I couldn’t help but notice two things about him.  He made several comments about being in a church doing this kind of training.  His comments seemed to be a cry for spiritual attention.