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Computer models used to justify lockdowns called a “buggy mess”

Computer experts looking at the model developed by Neil Ferguson to justify lockdowns call the coding a “bloody mess.” Countries around the world locked down their economies after Ferguson predicted 2.2 million US deaths from the coronavirus.

Massive reduction in COVID-19 death predictions for Britain?

A study by London, England’s Imperial College, released in mid-March, stated that without significant measures COVID-19 plague could potentially kill 2.2 million people in the US and 500,000 people in Britain. These apocalyptic predictions were result of computer modeling predictions led by Neil Ferguson, who some consider the pre-eminent epidemiologist in the world. Based on these projections, countries around the world implemented Draconian measures that resulted in millions of people losing their jobs. But then the week following, there was a significant downgrade to Ferguson’s predictions. According to the website New Scientist, at a presentation this week before a parliamentary committee in London, England, Ferguson provided a small update to those numbers. Ten days after predicting 500,000 deaths, Ferguson stated that only 20,000 people would die in Britain and according to New Scientist, the number of deaths “could be much lower.” During his presentation Ferguson apparently added that because of underlying conditions and older age, over half of those would probably have died this year anyway. This new estimate compares to the approximate 29,000 people …