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Prove all things

By Rick Renner

I once bought a violin that I was sure was an authentic Stradivarius violin. Of course, if it was real, it was worth several million dollars. Before I purchased it, I studied documents about how to recognize a real Stradivarius compared to a well-made copy. After convincing myself that I had found a real Stradivarius in a remote antique shop in Russia, I purchased it. But after an examination by a violin expert, it proved to be nothing more than a very old, fabulous fake.

A prophetic word on Kanye West and Donald Trump

I was surprised as much by where I read this article, as I was about what it had to say. The article on the front page of Fox News website, entitled, California pastor who prophesied Kanye West’s transformation 4 years ago predicts this about Trump tells about a remarkable prophecy given by a Los Angeles pastor by the name of Shawn Bolz about Kanye West. Shawn Bolz founded Expressions58 church and has recently moved into a prophetic travelling ministry. He hosts a podcast entitled “Exploring the Prophetic.” He also writes regularly for CBN and Charisma media. Four years ago, Bolz publicly stated several times that God told him prominent rapper Kanye West would not only become a Christian but would begin to move in the gift prophecy: “We aren’t ready for the coming influx of new Christians. God showed me Kanye West as prophet and a worship leader in Christianity.” Shawn Bolz on Kanye West, Fox News At the time Bolz made those declarations, Kanye West had just suffered a nervous breakdown. But if anyone …