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96 | The Euphrates River: Is an ancient Bible prophecy about to come to pass? (by Alexander)

In this podcast, Alexander discusses a strange occurrence taking place today, scientists are warning that the Euphrates River is drying up, an event prophesied in the Bible.

Is a meteor responsible for burning down a California home?

Authorities believe that a fire which destroyed a home in Nevada County, California on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022, may have been started by a meteor, Breitbart reports. The blaze took place during the Taurid meteor shower which occurs annually and peaked this year on Nov 4 and Nov 5 and will peak again on Nov 12 and 13. The meteors which are part of the debris from a small comet named Encke, are of larger size and last longer before burning up in the earth’s atmosphere. Astronomers were predicting that this year’s display would be larger than normal. The San Francisco Chronicle provides more details: The fire was reported at 7:25 p.m. in the Mooney Flat area and was contained by 8:55 p.m., said Fire Captain Clayton Thomas of the Penn Valley Fire District. It occurred the same night the Taurid meteor shower was underway, and many residents reported seeing a bright light shoot across the sky and appear to land in the area near the home immediately before the fire began. The fire destroyed …

Virus Armageddon: Where Is God Now?

I have a job with the Provincial Government. Usually I have a work schedule for a month in advance for small towns in rural areas. This is the weekend and my schedule for next week is … Wednesday. I’m sure someone will fix the problem, but right now they are busy with bigger things. That is my experience with the Viral Armageddon, so far. I have also just been notified that I can’t visit my old father in his nursing home, if I travel outside the country. Probably you have your own interesting stories. A few days ago, the world seemed normal, with stories about a virus infection that needed to be controlled, mostly in China. Now our normal world has stopped. We hope it will restart soon, but we don’t know what will happen next. Pictures of the next stages are beginning to emerge: I couldn’t make that up. It seems like science fiction, except we are living through it. I have worked in commercial transportation, and I know that we see trucks and …

A sign of the times? Calbuco Volcanoe, Chile Photo: Andiseno Estudio/Flickr/Creative Commons

Another end times event — volcanoes?

Español: Otro evento final de los tiempos – volcanes? I had never heard of Perry Stone, an American Bible teacher and TV evangelist, but I recently came across his interpretation of verses in Joel speaking of the end-times, that caught my attention. Joel writes: “I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire and columns of smoke. 31 “The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. (Joel 2:30-31 NASV) Up to this point, I have interpreted these verses referring to blood, fire, columns of smoke, dark sun and blood moon as describing the aftermath of a great earthquake the Apostle John refers to in Revelation 6:12-17. However, Stone has a different twist on this passage and I think he might be right. He believes Joel is describing giant volcanic eruptions exploding on the earth. Columns of smoke perfectly describe the aftermath of volcanoes. The resulting ash pouring into the atmosphere will cause a darkening of the sun and …