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Spiritual warfare uses trust to deceive. Subtle deception is the direction our culture is taking. A direction that will deceive even the most faithful if one is not careful. This whole deceit thing could be solved with one single question: Who knows more, man or God? The answer is obvious. Then we ought to trust in God and only believe Him, right? So why don’t we? Spiritual warfare is not just us as individuals being attacked and harassed by unclean and evil spirits. Sure we get tempted to lie, cheat, and steal among other things. And yes, the voice of the evil one is louder than the whisper of God or our own consciousness. I personally have gotten my butt kicked a few times by these things. There is a wider spiritual war happening at the same time. The war for our trust. And this is where mass deceit is possible. Remember the saying; “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? This is true because the squeaks gets our attention. Let’s bring that into the spiritual …

Masked men in Lima, Peru Photo: Alex Proimos/Flickr

Do you know who you really are?

Throughout scripture, we see mention of man’s heart. It was a term used to describe our inner being — our mind, will and emotions. The heart embodies our mental capacity as it remembers (Isaiah 42:25) and understands (Isaiah 44:18). The heart is considered the seat of our emotions (Genesis 42:28) such as anxiety (Proverbs 12:25) and joy (Isaiah 65:14). It is also the source of some admirable qualities such as courage (Psalms 27:14). In a nutshell, the heart represents who we really are. But do we know who really are? In one of the most telling descriptions of the heart, the prophet Jeremiah says: The heart is more deceitful than all else
 And is desperately sick;
 Who can understand it. (Jeremiah 17:9 NASV) In this verse, the message is clear we can’t trust our heart, because at its core is deception. Our heart has secrets (Psalms 44:21) that even we are not aware of. This is exactly the conclusion that Cordelia Fine, an Associate Professor at the Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne, …

Deception: Being deceived by what you believe

[by Dean Smith] Both my parents served in the Canadian military during World War II, and because of this I have always had a keen interest in that war. As I was watching a program on the war a while back, I learned an important lesson on deception. In John 8:44, Jesus describes Satan as the father of lies and in the devil’s first attack on humanity deception was the key to his success. Eve admitted to God she had been deceived by Satan in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:13). Deception in its simplest form is having a person believe one thing, when something else, sometimes the complete opposite, is the truth.