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Canada: Prime Minister Trudeau plans to starve the world to save it

Canada is one of the world’s key breadbaskets, and its left-wing Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who seems to have lost all contact with reality, is determined to reduce Canada’s food production.

The left’s attack on agriculture takes a sinister turn in Holland

In the midst of the world’s food crisis, the left-wing Dutch government has imposed new environmental restrictions on agriculture that will result in many farms having to close down. The Dutch government even admits this is going to happen, but is there something more sinister going on? According to a spokesperson for the Dutch Minister of Agriculture, the government is preparing “to buy out farmers in order to meet its climate goal”, Irish Farm News reports. READ: Dutch government moves to ‘buy out’ farmers The Atlantic writes: One in three Dutch livestock farmers could lose their business. The Dutch News adds: Farms will have to close down to meet nitrogen targets, ministers say Ag Daily note: New Dutch emission rules hamstring farmers & threaten food security The Federalist: Dutch Government Launches Canadian-Style Crackdown On Farmer Protests And in America I am sure this is not related. The New York Post writes: Gates, the billionaire tech mogul and philanthropist whose net worth was pegged by Bloomberg at $113 billion, has quietly amassed nearly 270,000 acres of …

The left’s unrelenting attack on agriculture continues

We are seeing food shortages, empty shelves, skyrocketing food prices, and warnings of famine, and despite this, the left continues its unrelenting attack on agriculture. Now Dutch politicians want to reduce how many animals, their farmers can raise: The strange thing is that is happening around the world. It almost seems orchestrated?? RELATED: New Zealand Introduces a Climate Change Meat Tax AND: Feds target cereals as major emitter

Last winter, Europe experienced a brutally cold winter Photo: Kiev, Ukraine Credit: Trey Ratcliff/Flickr/Creative Commons

Is the climate-change fear-mongering starting to waver?

In recent weeks, two major publications have dared to question one of the main tenants of man-made global warming — fear-mongering — predicting one catastrophe after another if we don’t reign in carbon emissions. Of course, we refer it to today as climate change, but it started out as global warming. Many still wonder why the activists wanted this name change? With the man-made climate change agenda largely driven by those on the left of the political spectrum, they have dramatically tried to shout down any dissenters. But recently, scientists and others are showing a bravery to face the barrage of criticism that comes their way when they don’t fall in line with the basic beliefs of the climate-change agenda. First it was an article in Scientific American that advised everyone to chill out because things are not nearly as bad as every one is screaming. The most recent challenge involved two climatologists, Nic Lewis and Judith Curry, who wrote a peer-reviewed study stating the climate models the activists are using to proclaim the coming …