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Is there a spiritual battle raging over Iran?

Two recent reports out of Iran suggest there is a spiritual battle raging in the heavenlies over that country. The first involves an exclusive report by CBN on how 20 Iranians were recently water baptized after believing on Jesus for their salvation. All 20 were former Muslims and many had come to Christ through Mohabat TV, a Christian TV and radio station that broadcasts into Islamic countries. It is illegal in Iran for a Muslim to convert to Christianity, so all 20 were baptized secretly. The group, that also included family and friends, actually flew out of Tehran, the capital city of Iran, to an undisclosed city where they were baptized in an indoor pool. Several of them were people of influence. CBN interviewed a man identified as only Pastor Amir, a fake name to protect his identity, who reported: “Most of the people at this gathering are artists, musicians, some are TV producers, they are educated people, they are specialists from different fields of Iranian society.” Pastor Amir, CBN News Many believe the underground …

The notorious Evin Prison north of Tehran, Iran Credit: Yaadaavar/Flickr/Creative Commons

God displays His power in Iranian prison as Bible verses show up in an unusual way

Recently Open Doors USA interviewed Mojtaba Hosseini, 30, a former pastor of an Iranian house church, who was arrested by the Iranian secret police as a “threat against national security.” He had been previously arrested for leading a House Church and after his release immediately started leading a second group. This resulted in a second arrest and a three-year term in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison located outside Tehran reserved for political prisoners, murderers and drug dealers. After his release in 2015, Mojtaba left Iran and recently shared how God miraculously provided while he was in prison. He suffered in horrid conditions and admitted he was very scared. Initially he believed God was punishing him and spent hours repenting of his sins. That continued until God spoke to Mojtaba and told him to stop being so selfish and to look at the people around him. For the first time he saw the desperate people inside this prison and realized that God wanted him to share his faith with them. “It’s funny how God works sometimes. It …

Baptismal service in Iran Photo: Elam Ministries

The strange Christian anomaly

ANOMALY: something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected. There is a strange anomaly that occurs when Christians are persecuted — the Church goes through an incredible growth spurt. We can see it happening in the Middle East. Last week, Elam Ministries reported that there have been large numbers of Iranians turning to Christ and is expecting over 450 water baptisms this fall. Elam reported that over 240 Iranians were recently baptized in two services and another 16 in a smaller service. A fourth baptism is scheduled where it anticipates another 200 Iranians will be baptized. Elam Ministries was started by Christian Iranians in 1990. Based in England, its mission is to strengthen and equip the Church in Iran. It conservatively estimates there are over 360,000 believers in Iran with most attending house churches. It has reported a remarkable growth in the Church since the 1979 Islāmic revolution. The larger Iranian baptismal services are often day long events including a common meal, prayer, worship, preaching and communion. Those being baptized tend to wear …

Why is the Christian population exploding in Iran?

Iran is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian, so why does the country have one of the fastest growing Christian populations in the world. Elam Ministries recently announced the release of a new Bible translated into modern Persian, the language of Iran. In its news release, the organization stated that in 1979, there were an estimated 500 Christians in Iran. Today, Christians number in the hundreds of thousands in that country. Speaking on behalf of Elam, David Yeghnazar said: “A very conservative estimate puts the number of Christians in Iran at 100,000.  The generally-accepted estimate is 370,000. Some believe there are 700,000, some over a million.”