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Florida-based Chick-fil-A restaurant. Photo: Robert du Bois/Flickr/Creative Commons

Chick-fil-A preparing a table in the midst of its enemies

Despite being closed on Sundays, Chick-fil-A continues its exponential growth as a fast food restaurant in America. Last year the sales for an average restaurant were double those of McDonalds considered one of the iconic brands of America. In terms of total sales, Chick-fil-A is third behind McDonalds and Starbucks due to the fact the leaders have more restaurants. In 2018, Chick-fil-A generated $10 billion an increase of $2 billion since 2005. Compared to one of its major competitors, Chick-fil-A increased its number of restaurants by 8% that year, while KFC actually shrank by 1%. It is one of the fastest growing food chains in America. These are staggering numbers considering the chain typically only opens six days a week giving its workers Sunday off to be with family and attend church. But it has opened on Sundays on occasion to provide food often for free in emergencies such as it did after Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina. Staff were called in on a Sunday to not only make but help distribute free Chick-fil-A sandwiches …