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Interview with Calgary pastor who drove police out of his church on Easter Friday

I recently posted a story of how Pastor Artur Pawlowski of Calgary, Alberta, Canada demanded several police officers leave his church after they showed up during the church’s Easter Service (April 2, 2021) without a warrant. In very colourful language, Pastor Pawlowski drove them out of his church calling them communists and Nazis.

You Celebrate What?

Easter! To kids, it means candy, Easter egg hunts, and baskets of goodies. To adults, it means days off from work, lots of food, and of course, candy. We do like to celebrate. But what do we celebrate? Let’s take a look of some of the things that make people really excited. Sex is probably the number one thing about which people get excited. Without sex, there would be no people, so this may be a good thing. Yet, we celebrate the first time we have sex, and then the first time we have sex in a relationship. Then we celebrate almost any sexual identity or activity there is. Sex sells and sex excites. So, we celebrate it. Sports is undoubtedly the number one group-thing we celebrate. Soccer is the beautiful game. Hockey is the fastest game on ice. Fans plan their days and holidays around their team’s schedule. Sports have become the priority in many people’s lives. I attended one church that on the days our home team was playing, many and maybe even …

Is Big Tech trying to buy off everyone?

There is an old saying, he who pays the piper calls the tune. The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank that promotes “the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom and traditional American values.” And recently the organization’s CEO announced that in 2020, the Heritage Foundation turned down two large donations from Big Tech.

Watch an Easter service from the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

If churches in your area are still locked down, you may want to watch CBN’s Easter Service live from the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. It’s available in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Click here to watch the service. CBN writes: As the sun rises over the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem on Easter Sunday, thousands of people will be turning to the Garden Tomb to celebrate in a place many believe to be the place where the resurrection occurred almost 2000 years ago. The sermon will be available in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Some believe that the Garden Tomb is the place where Jesus was buried after His crucifixion and then rose from the dead. But those who manage the site do not make this claim but rather point to it as an example of what a tomb in that day looked like, including a ramp where a stone was rolled to block the entrance. Archaeologists have dated this particular tomb to the 8th or 7th century BC. While it was very common for tombs to …