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Child temper tantrums lead to financial problems later in life, study

A study that followed 1,000 New Zealanders until they reached the age of 45 discovered that those who regularly threw temper-tantrums as a child tended to have financial difficulties later in life. The researchers believed this was because they had not learned self-control early as a child.

‘Trust in Jesus’ t-shirt deemed a political message?

A lawsuit is pending against election officials in Hart, Michigan, when Margaret Wittman, who was hired as an election worker, was not allowed to work when she showed up at the polling station during the November 2020 Federal election wearing a t-shirt reading, “My heart will TRUST in you JESUS.” The lawsuit alleges, that when Wittman refused to cover-up her t-shirt, she was told to go home because it was considered a political message.

The World keeps on Churning

Churning is not a word that most of us in daily conversation. When’s the last time you heard this: “Hey, Bob. What’s you got churning?” And that famous old song, Proud Mary encourages the “big wheel to keep on turning and Proud Mary to keep on burning” as the old paddlewheel travels down the river. It doesn’t say keep on churning. What is churning anyway? According to the Cambridge dictionary, churning means to move something, especially a liquid, with great force. Dairy farmers know it also means mixing milk until it becomes butter. If your stomach is churning, you feel nauseated or ill. Churning means to work up or to agitate. Did you know it is also used in the Bible? Nehemiah, Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Habakkuk, and Jude all mention it. Perhaps the one that is most well-known is from Proverbs 30:33. “For as churning cream produces butter, and as twisting the nose produces blood, so stirring up anger produces strife.” Churning is not fun and it can be frightening to watch. When we …

US Congressman ends prayer with ‘amen’ & ‘awoman’

The United States House of Representatives is going woke in a blaze of political-correct glory. As we reported earlier, House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi wants to remove all gender words, such as father, mother, son, and daughter, from being used by the House. So keeping with the theme, Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, an ordained Methodist preacher, recently opened the 117th Congress in prayer closing with “amen and a-woman.”

Our History and Our Future: What scary things will happen in 2021?

Our History and Our Future: What scary things will happen in 2021? This is a history lesson. I am writing this on January 1, and everyone I know is worried about this new year 2021. What is going to happen? Should we worry? I might have an answer, and I found this answer in my closet yesterday. Our history is our future. We haven’t changed. Recently, I was reading something, and I saw two words that reminded me of something: “Nikolsk Ussurisk.” That led me to a search of my closet, and I found those words again. This is the story, from the beginning, including the parts where I guess what probably happened. I have a tiny French New Testament, published by the American Bible Society, in 1910, and probably printed in the U.S. It’s in excellent condition, and probably no one ever read it, including me. A few words are penned inside: “French” to tell English speakers that it’s a French Bible, and some faint handwriting “Franz [something] Nikolsk Ussurisk [something] 7/VII 1920. That’s …

The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

One of Britain’s more infamous UFO cases has finally been solved. It involved the reported sighting of a UFO that landed at a US nuclear base, home to several US nuclear warheads, in Britain on Dec. 26, 1980. It became known as Britain’s Roswell as several witnesses, including an air force officer, Lt Colonel Charles Halt, reported seeing an alien aircraft.

Union leader basks in the sun as she opposes schools re-opening

Many of the teachers’ unions are battling any attempts to have kids returning to in person teaching. Of course, they are citing fears of the COVID-1984 pandemic as the reason. One of those leading the charge against reopening schools is a left-leaning leader of the Chicago Teachers Union. I completely understand why she is opposed. I mean who wants to be in blustery Chicago in mid winter, when you could be relaxing at a pool in Puerto Rico?