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Video: Evidence of Christ’s resurrection

Former Hollywood actor Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains), interviews apologist Sean McDowell on the evidence supporting Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Do dogs go to heaven?

In this video, Pastor Max Lucado explains what awaits us in heaven. We won’t be sitting on clouds playing harps. At the end of the Age, God will create a new heaven and a new physical earth where we will live. Lucado believes that God may be recreating, reforming and renovating the earth that we have been living on and because of this he wonders if this new earth may include your pets.

A prayer walk

A month ago a few ladies from our Church gathered at Government House Gardens here in Regina, Saskatchewan for a prayer walk. We usually gather once a month at a park, historical site or Government building to pray for our city, country and nation. This year we decided to produce a video about our walk to show you what we do. It is our first video and it is not perfect. It is dark in spots and at other points our videoing could be better, but we hope to improve as we create more videos for our YouTube channel — Bashful & Bold. It was a bright, sunny day. The flowers and bushes were just beginning to bloom. We started to walk when we noticed a fragrance in the air and were drawn to the Cherry Blossom trees with their full pink blooms at the end of the lane. We were reminded of the verse in  2 Corinthians about the aroma of Christ and prayed into this verse that the fragrance of Christ in us …