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Byrde's whale off the coast of Thailand Credit: morningdew/Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Jonah, Rainer and the whale

Rainer Schimpf, 51, is a diver and tour operator from South Africa who for nearly 15 years has filmed the ‘sardine run’ that takes place off the Agulhas Bank located off the Southern tip of Africa. Billions of sardines gather at this point and begin a northern run along the eastern coast of African continent. Of course, the sardines attract hundreds of predators including sharks, dolphins, birds and whales. This year as Schimpf was photographing a shark in the feeding frenzy, a Byrde’s whale accidentally swallowed him. Named after Norwegian whaler Johan Byrde, the whale can grow to nearly 50′ in size and weighs up to 28 tons, but tend to be more elongated than other whales. Because they eat fish as well as plankton, these whales gather at the annual “sardine run.” A photographer on a nearby boat caught the whale swallowing of Schimpf (see video below). Schimpf told Barcroft TV, that he knew the whale had swallowed him when everything went completely dark and he felt pressure around his hips. Schimpf said: “Nothing …

A whale of a story and we are not talking about Jonah

You may have read articles, complete with images, showing whales with legs. Scientists claim they have found the fossilized remains of half whales, half animals that were the halfway point — a transition — as animals moved to the ocean to become whales. If you visit any number of museums such as the Paris Natural History Museum, Canadian Museum of Nature, New York’s American Museum of Natural History and Australia’s Melbourne Museum, you will find drawings or even full-sized plaster replicas of these walking whales on display as evolutionary evidence. At first glance those pictures look convincing, but all is not as it seems.