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Video: Lava tsunami turns up the heat on the end times?

We know from the Bible, that an increase in volcanic activity will be part of the end times’ countdown leading to what the prophet Joel describes as the Day of the Lord (Joel 2:30-31). I recently saw several incredible videos of volcanic activity in October. One involves a lava tsunami in Iceland. The second, a column of smoke associated with the eruption of Mt Aso in Japan on Oct 20, 2021, that sent smoke and ash 3.5 km into the atmosphere: The third involves ash and smoke pouring out of Mt Etna, Sicily, Italy on Oct 23, 2021: And the fourth involves the eruption of the La Palma volcano on Spain’s Canary Islands:

Are waking volcanoes a sign of the times?

Volcanoes are making news these days. One of the most disturbing was the eruption on New Zealand’s White Island on December 9, 2019. There were 47 people on the island at the time of the explosion with most from Royal Caribbean’s cruise line’s Oasis of the Sea. Twenty people were killed (two are missing) and the remaining 27 were injured many of them severely. Then on January 12, 2020, Taal volcano located just 37 miles (ca. 60 km) from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, erupted forcing tens of thousands of people to flee. According to reports, the blast that included molten lava threw rocks up to 9.5 miles (ca. 15 km) into the sky and the column of smoke reached an estimated 1.2 miles (ca. 2 km). The government upgraded the hazard level of the volcano to the second highest level of 4 which indicates “a hazardous eruption within hours to days was possible.” The day before, January 11, 2010, Japan issued a Level 3 warning for Mt. Shintake, found on an island off …

Volcanic column of smoke on Hawaii's Big Island taken May 7, 2018 Credit: macprohawaii/US Geological Survey/Flickr/Public Domain

A near asteroid hit and volcanic eruption on Hawaii: Apocalyptic shots across the bow?

During the 18th century, if a naval ship was unable to recognize an oncoming vessel it would fire a warning shot in the general direction of the ship. Under the law of the sea, the ship receiving the shot was expected to hoist its flag so it could be recognized and respond with a shot of its own. It was form of rudimentary communication between ships. With modern communications equipment, the shot across the bow has taken on a more ominous tone. When naval vessels, such as the coast guard, are pursuing another vessel, they will perform a shot across the bow typically in front of the ship telling it to stop. The shot demonstrates that the fleeing ship is within range, sighted and more importantly the pursuing ship is willing to go the next step if it does not come to heel. One has to ask if the world just received a shot across the bow. According to the Bible’s apocalyptic literature, the end times will be marked by massive asteroids slamming into the …

A sign of the times? Calbuco Volcanoe, Chile Photo: Andiseno Estudio/Flickr/Creative Commons

Another end times event — volcanoes?

Español: Otro evento final de los tiempos – volcanes? I had never heard of Perry Stone, an American Bible teacher and TV evangelist, but I recently came across his interpretation of verses in Joel speaking of the end-times, that caught my attention. Joel writes: “I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth, Blood, fire and columns of smoke. 31 “The sun will be turned into darkness And the moon into blood Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. (Joel 2:30-31 NASV) Up to this point, I have interpreted these verses referring to blood, fire, columns of smoke, dark sun and blood moon as describing the aftermath of a great earthquake the Apostle John refers to in Revelation 6:12-17. However, Stone has a different twist on this passage and I think he might be right. He believes Joel is describing giant volcanic eruptions exploding on the earth. Columns of smoke perfectly describe the aftermath of volcanoes. The resulting ash pouring into the atmosphere will cause a darkening of the sun and …