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A lesson to learn from pornography in video games: What do we really want?

What does a rich man want after he has everything he needs? More. We humans need to know who we are, and pornography can teach us that. I learned a lesson recently, when I found a video on the Internet, about problems with video games. Apparently, there are censorship organizations that restrict excess behaviour in video games. READ: Video Game Censorship I don’t play video games, although there was a time when I enjoyed flinging Angry Birds across the computer screen at other little animals. It was addicting. I watched the information video, out of curiosity, and I learned something about us. We like to mix good and bad; we like to do the wrong thing to get us to the right place; and we lie to ourselves. Those are all different views of the same thing. I was surprised to learn one thing about video games. When we can do anything, when we can go bad without restraints, we like to kill each other. Sometimes we settle for injure and torture. I used to …

Teens who spend over an hour a day on video games score poorly in school, study

According to a study by researchers from Rutgers University-New Brunswick (New Jersey, USA), young teens who spend more than an hour each day playing video games or using the internet and social media have significantly lower school grades than those who don’t. They also found that boys were more negatively impacted by higher usage than girls.