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How a Jewish pop ‘Idol’ star in Israel found Jesus after being bitten by a snake

If you have ever been a fan of American Idol, you may enjoy this story about a Jewish woman, Birgitta Veksler, who finished eighth in Israel’s version of the program, ‘Kochav Nolad’ (Pop Idol). Birgitta was born to a Jewish family in Sweden and lived much of her early life in Estonia before her family decided to move to Israel when she was 12. But before she left, Birgitta had believed in Jesus for her salvation. However, when her family joined Israel’s Jewish community, Birgitta quickly learned that Jesus was an unacceptable, even taboo, topic, and quickly quit talking about her relationship with Christ. She became famous in Israel at the age of 17, when she finished in the top ten in the country’s equivalent of the American Idol. As her popularity grew, she was drawn into the partying scene of alcohol and boys, which left her feeling empty. But things would soon change for Birgitta. Israel has compulsory military service and at the age of 18, young men and women are drafted into Israel’s …

Chile: A Bible Lesson from a Newspaper

The country of Chile, in South America, has a problem with the COVID 19 Coronavirus, like every country in the world. One concern is for Christians who claim that they are protected by God, and they don’t need to take precautions. That is also happening in other countries. Strangely, for a secular newspaper, the Santiago Times, gave a Bible lesson to Christians, to show why they should take precautions. Someone knows the Bible well, the examples are well-chosen and the lesson is easy to follow. It seems strange when the press tries to help, instead of the usual angry partisan hysteria. They didn’t blame, they just gave their best advice. “The godly offer good counsel; they teach right from wrong.” (Psalm 37:30) READ: Protect Yourself! Don’t Test God!

47 | How many crosses did Jesus actually die on?

Follow our podcasts on: PODCAST NOTES: Hi my name is Dean Smith and in this Easter podcast, I want to answer the top theological question of the day, namely how many crosses did Jesus die on? Now here is the strange thing, most Christians, and I even include myself in this, at times believe Jesus actually died on two crosses. The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus was crucified along with two other men and that Jesus was on the middle cross with the two criminals on either side of him. But most Christians believe that at some point, God switched the Lord to one of the other crosses.  And what is even more incredible, the disciples, who had been absolutely traumatized by the Lord’s crucifixion, didn’t even notice and never recorded this switch in the Bible.  I know this sounds strange, but this is what most Christians believe.  Of course, most of you are saying, I don’t believe this. Well, all I can say is, are you really sure you don’t? When I …

Believing God or testing God

Several years ago, the wife of a couple I knew found a lump in her breast. The couple suspected it was breast cancer, but they made the purposeful decision to avoid medical treatment. Instead, they chose to believe God for her healing. They believed and prayed for about a year. The woman’s condition became worse. When the couple finally decided to go for medical help, it was too late. A few months later she was dead.