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Some call it a miracle: She survived COVID, a stroke, heart attack and being declared brain-dead

In May, Tionna Hairston, 26, was at home caring for her mother, Stacy Peatross, who had been diagnosed with COVID. At the end of May, Tionna also started showing symptoms of the Coronavirus that included losing her sense of smell and taste. By early June, she was starting to feel nauseous and weak. However, it was these symptoms, that are common with COVID, that initially resulted in the family attributing her severe headache and loss of movement in her arm and leg as COVID symptoms rather than the actual cause, a major stroke. Stacy only realized her daughter was having a stroke when “her eyes were going opposite of each other.” She was immediately taken to Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where scans reported bleeding on her brain. But things continued to pile up on Tionna, while in intensive care she also had a heart attack. For the next half hour, doctors fought to get Tionna’s heart working properly. Though they were able to do this, the medical staff was very concerned about her …

Study: Worry leads to increased risk of a stroke

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found a connection between worry and strokes. The group led by Maya Lambiase followed 6,000 people for about three decades starting in the mid-70s. They ranged in age from 25 to 74. Lambiase’s team asked the participants a series of questions and then tested them to determine their levels of anxiety and related depression. From that point on, researchers tracked the rates of stroke for the group.