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Life on Venus and dinosaurs on Titan?

You may have read several reports recently that scientists believe they have found evidence of life on Venus. Of course, using that same argument, we also have evidence of dinosaurs on Titan.

Dinosaurs on Titan?

The phrase “fossil fuels,” leaves the impression that oil and natural gas are derived from millions of years of dinosaur and plant decay. As a result of this, oil and gas are considered a non renewable resource, in other words some are sounding the alarm that one day we will run out. However, a few articles are portraying another side to this debate. The first involves an article entitled “Let’s Colonize Titan” published as a blog post on the Scientific American website. In it, the authors Charles Wohlforth and Amanda Hendrix were looking at potential habitable locations for humans in our solar system. They quickly eliminated the Moon and Mars because neither has the atmosphere needed to protect people from deadly Galactic Cosmic rays. Mercury is too hot. Venus’ atmosphere is too poisonous. The authors instead nominated Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. So why was Titan chosen? Well there are a couple of reasons. First it has a methane atmosphere that would protect us from those deadly cosmic rays and secondly it literally …