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Were Pennsylvania ballots shipped in from New York?

There are more allegations of voting fraud in the recent US Federal Election. In an interview on Fox New’s Hannity, one subcontractor with the postal service stated he picked up pallets of mail-in ballots in New York and delivered them to a location in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and a second witness swore he was told of plans to backdate mail-in ballots, so they would be still accepted for the election.

No conspiracy here: Death count for COVID-19 suddenly drops in Pennsylvania

The US state of Pennsylvania just recently removed hundreds of deaths from its COVID-19 count. Apparently some in the health department’s counting department had included “probable” deaths to the official COVID-19 death count. This resulted in a doubling of the number of deaths attributed to the Coronavirus. Of course, they were quick to point out that we shouldn’t treat this as some sort of conspiracy to jack up the death counts for COVID-19. READ: Pennsylvania forced to remove hundreds from COVID-19 death count over glaring irregularities It’s just a coincidence that ER doctors in California say they are being pressured to list COVID-19 as the cause of death on their reports, when it has not been confirmed. The flu has very similar symptoms to COVID-19 and during the 2017-2018 flu season, the CDC stated about 80,000 people died from the flu. READ: Flu season deaths top 80,000 last year, CDC says