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The number of people attending in-person church services continues to rise

According to the American Bible Society (ABS), the number of people attending in-person church services in the US is on the rise, the Christian Post reports. During the pandemic not only were many churches forced to temporarily shut down, but it also impacted attendance as people chose to stay home and watch services online. But that downward trend has stopped, and though a sizeable percentage of people are still deciding to view services online, the number of people attending church services is steadily going up according to ABS’s “State of the Bible USA 2023” report. The survey, which is taken annually, has noticed a steady increase in church attendance over the past three years. In 2021, 38% of people who answered the survey said they attended church services. This increased to 56% in 2022 and in 2023, 67% of people stated they were now attending in-person church services. There was also a corresponding decline in those watching online services over this same period. In 2021, 45% of responders said they watched services online, and in …

Study finds that churches are embracing technological changes since pandemic

With churches having reopened after COVID, a study by Pushpay reveals that most will be permanently embracing the technological changes they made during the pandemic that included streaming services online, the Christian Post reports. When churches were asked what their services will look like in 12 months, only 28% stated that it would include only in-person services, while 81% stated that they would be incorporating a hybrid model that would include both online and in-person services. The survey also found a significant percentage of churches stated that they were planning to make more radical technological changes. This included 25% stating they were planning on creating churches in the metaverse virtual world and 20% stating they were moving to have only online services. READ: Most churches leaders see in-person only worship services as a thing of the past: study