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Credit: Kamyta/Flickr/Creative Commons

Study shows that religious people live longer

According to the Daily Mail, a study undertaken by researchers from Ohio State University in the US concluded that religious people live on average four years longer than atheists or non religious. The results of their study were published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science Journal. The group of psychology researchers came to this conclusion after studying the obituaries of over 1,000 people. This included 505 recorded n the Des Moines Register in Iowa in January and February 2012. The study led by doctoral student Laura Wallace concluded that church goers outlived non-religious people by 9.45 years. However, once they factored out other elements that can contribute to longer life including marriage and gender, that difference shrunk to 6.48 years. A second study of 1,096 obituaries published in 42 cites between August 2010 and August 2011 showed religious people lived an average of 5.64 years longer than those who weren’t. Once gender and marital status were factored out that difference dropped to 3.82 years. The researchers said there were several factors that may contribute …

A quiz at Ohio State University says Christians are dumber than atheists

According to a report by Campus Reform, an online quiz developed for the Psychology 1100 class at Ohio State University (OSU) states that Christians are dumber than atheists. Campus Reform is a conservative group that according to its website “exposes bias and abuse on the nation’s college campuses.” The quiz posed this question: Theo has an IQ of 100 and Aine has an IQ of 125. Which of the following statements do you expect to be true? Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian. Aine earns less money than Theo. Theo is more liberal than Aine Theo is an atheist, while Aine is a Christian. The correct answer was the first one: “Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian.”