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A journey from rejection to witchcraft to Christ

Illiana Soltani became interested in the occult when she was 12-years-old because of the rejection that she experienced from her father after her parents divorced prior to Illiana’s birth.

The Manitoba Legislature: A beacon of the occult?

Frank Albo theorizes the legislature of Manitoba, a province in Canada, is a “beacon of the occult.” While many scoff at the notion, through years of research Albo collected evidence showing the building, which houses the provincial government in the city of Winnipeg, is not your typical building. Albo, who has researched eastern religions, says he was driving by the Manitoba legislature in 2001, when he noticed two stone sphinxes perched on the roof. These were clearly Egyptian icons and he wondered why such symbols would be on a building in the middle of Canada. His interest peaked, Albo started a five-year study of the building, which started construction in 1912 and completed in 1920, 300% over budget. As he poked around the immense structure, he realized it honored a number of ancient deities. At the same time, it incorporated many of the fundamental ideals of Freemasonry in its architecture. Not surprisingly, he discovered the chief designer of the building, Frank Simon, had been schooled in free masonry design techniques. Freemasonry combines elements of the temple …