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Video: Does the Bible speak of nuclear war in end times?

I recently produced a video discussing Bible verses that may suggest there will be nuclear war in the end times. When dealing with Bible prophecy, we need to understand that many of the prophets were seers, meaning they were having visions of what they were seeing. If they were seeing visions of things that would be taking place thousands of years in the future, how would they describe nuclear weapons and their devastation when the most advanced weapons of their day were swords and spears. This is why we need to look for other clues when studying these visions of the end times.

26 | Three Bible passages that might warn of a nuclear war in the end times

One question that has lurked at the back of my mind is this: Does the Bible warn of Nuclear war in the end times? It’s not a topic that many of us want to talk about, but in my study of the Bible I have seen hints of it. In this podcast we look at three Bible passages that suggest there will be a nuclear war during the end times.