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Newsweek's cover image for its abortion article annoyed Sady Doyle.

Apparently, this ‘Newsweek’ cover said more than its allowed thousand words

Sady Doyle writes for a fashion and beauty website for women. She recently came out criticizing Newsweek magazine on a December cover story entitled “America’s Abortion Wars.” The publication was writing on the struggle to end abortions in America. A relevant topic particularly with the controversy this previous year involving a number of videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). CMP went undercover disguised as representatives of a research company interested in buying baby body parts off the abortion giant. However, as a pro-abortionist, Doyle was not offended by the article itself, what upset her was Newsweek’s cover story image depicting a baby. In her articled titled Why does Newsweek’s Abortion wars Cover show a cartoon fetus instead of a woman Doyle states she was “flabbergasted.” There are a couple of reasons for this. First, pro-abortionists are always disturbed when the conversation on abortion focuses on the child being killed instead of the mother. According to abortionists, the rights of the mother supersedes the rights of the child. The discussion on the …